San Jose, CA

Is there anyone in the San Jose area who would be interested in forming a new audio club? Let me know. Thanks.
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I'm over in Santa Cruz, but always willing to travel to hear others systems.
The SF Audiophile Society (I'm the membership director) is inclusive of the entire Bay Area. I do appreciate the desire to get clubs together at a very local level, just want to be sure you know about us.
Yes. I am willing to participate.
I live in the Willow Glen area of San Jose. I would be willing.
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Please call me and let me know how to join and come to a meeting! 415-205-1053. 

I live in Sunnyvale. Would love to join.

I ran one in the Bay Area called the Bay Area Audio Asylum (BAAA) a while back. We started out chatting on Audio Asylum. A few of us decided to get together, and.....

The group got pretty big. I think at one point, we had roughly 50 members. The gathering was very informal. People brought spouses, food, and music. It became more of a social gathering, and many of us became really good friends. It got to a point that it was hard to host because no one has a place that can handle that many people.

We had a good run for roughly 10 years. Even a Christmas party every year. But everyone started moving out of the area, got married, had kids, and so on.

I've also been a member of BAAS for a long time. But the program there seems to be much more formal and the events all seem to be far away. So something more local and informal would be nice.

I live in Campbell and would love to join a club of enthusiast in high end audio.  If anything comes of this, please do contact me 408410.5909.

Perhaps we could carpool to the CAS in Burlingame later this year.

Would love to join. Keep me posted. Happy listening!
Did anything ever come of this thread? I tried to join a group on meetup but it seemed as though it was a dead end.