San Francisco Symphony Mahler 7th

Anyone else go last night or planning to go this week? What did you think? It was the first Tilson-Thomas for me and, although the piece was previously unfamiliar, something I really enjoyed.

I plan to go to more of these! This is the kind of classical music I love -- dynamic, fast-slow fast-slow, varied instrumentation, strange noises etc. MTT is a crazy man up there on the podium, every bit a showman. The orchestra sounded perfect to my (not so well-trained) ears, strings floating above everything else etc. The horns especially sounded wonderful. Can't wait for the multichannel recording to be released!

The SF Symphony Hall is a spectacle -- certainly a masterclass in "sound architecture". If only I could get some of those adjustable roof panel for my listening room ;-)


FWIW MTT already has a M7 down, its just not on multi-channel. Welcome to the world of Mahler, you'll never be the same again, musically speaking.

Seriously, if you really want to get into Mahler, I suggest two things. Take his Symphonies in order (except for the 8th its really quite different from the rest) and try to read a bit about Mahler and his world. Both will make the journey more understandable and enjoyable. But, a warning! It could be adictive! :-)

I agree with you re SFSO and Hall. Wish I could get into the city more often. I've yet to get to MTT's Mahler performances but I have all of his recordings, which have been well received.
I was there and it was truly marvelous. He makes it sound easy even though it's quite tricky to conduct due to the many sudden tempo changes within one same movement. I have to admit that the release of the SACD may not use much from the Thursday night recording. The crowd was having a hard time keeping quiet, especially the crucial moments where the orchestra was barely whispering. Luckily, there will be a few more sessions.
The Mahler's 9th is due for release in stores on April 12th, I believe. Can't wait.