San Francisco Bay Area Audiophile Society

Greetings Bay Area audiophiles!

Are you tired of trying to defend the time, effort and money you spend on audio? We've been there, we know. Obviously, it's time to make some cool new audiophile friends who totally understand you. Seriously, join us-- you'll meet fellow enthusiasts who are as passionate about music and as obsessed with high performance audio gear as you are, maybe more.

Check out our website for interesting audio and music related content and info on our upcoming gatherings.

On your website and network Is it okay to try and sell gear?

Hi, I live in San Ramon . Interesetd in Joining San Francisco Bay Area Audiophile Society .
Members of BAAS: BAAStards. (I'm one.)
Are you still active as a group? It's been quite a long time since the last post! Hello?
Yes, now called San Francisco Audiophile  Society (although serving the entire Bay Area):
Does anyone know of a good audio consultant located in the SF Bay Area that help with placing my speakers?