San Francisco area Shahinian lovers?

I have a pair of Shahinian Hawk speakers, just refurbished by the factory. I know from experience and from the "community" that it is difficult if not impossible for most people to hear Shahinians without actually buying them. Even buying them can be a real pain in the xover. Unless lightning strikes twice and I am able to get Diapasons, I will never part with these.


I think it would be fun to entertain people who would love just to audition these speakers. My system includes both LP and CD capability so you can bring whatever you like and hear it. I have a library of 3500 LPs and 200 CDs, mostly european-style classical music.

My whole system:

Moerch UP-4
Dynavector DV20XH
Jolida JD100
AI Modulus 3a
Plinius SA-100mk.III

I live on the coast in Marin County.
Send me an email or reply to this thread.