samsung52" vs sharp52"

hi guys
looking to buy a 52" lcd,have any of you guys done any comparsions?could you please give me the model number that you recommend
Consumers Reports seems to recommend most Samsung models well over the Sharp, and most other brands as well.
I compared the Samsung to the Sony Bravia and found that although the Samsung did, indeed, have a higher contrast and excellent picture, I found the Sony had more detail in dark areas of an image and presented a more natural image. The Sharp didn't even come close. I bought the Sony although mine is a 40". I've not been dissapointed.
Just look at the picture set up properly on both sets. Other than a Pioneer Elite, Runco or Fujitsu, not much beats a Sharp Aquos. The Sharp (If it is the Aquos) will BLOW AWAY the Samsung (I have an Elite, Aquos and Samsung).

Make sure the Aquos is 1080P, not 720P. If you can afford the 120 hz, go for it.
i went online best buy looking at Sharps and Samsung 52 " 1080p 120hz.there are a number of models from $1700 up to 3400.what makes them so different pricewise,i will not be playing any games on the tv
I didn't look at the Samsung, but the differences between the two Aquos is that the more expensive one is the newer model, (Advanced Superview).
The more responses you'll get, the more they'll likely be different. Sony used to be tops, then Sharp Aquos used to be the best, and now Samsung's top-end units are typically better than either - that's according to my old eyes (and I've decreed them to be right, dammit!). They all make good units (as did Pioneer, etc.). We all have our differences in perception and particular preferences. And, we'll all talk about what we purchased as the best choice - and they are, for each of us. I personally liked the smooth motion, detail, and color quality of the Samsung (and thought it clearly beat the competitors on either side) but obviously others saw something different. And so will you - when you get out and see and compare these for yourself. We (probably) won't be watching your set - you will, so you really do have to do the work and the research.
a few years back a salesman showed me how the Sharp set could not be viewed from an angle of about 45 degrees to the side when others sets right next to the Sharp could be viewed easily at the same angle. It was a few years ago and may not apply now but it is something I would never think to check - worth a look for yourself!
Keep an eye on the Sony "W" or "Z" series.
Best bang for the buck in their line. Basically very close to the XBR. Starting to see really good prices.
1080p/120hz and alot of other features.
As well as Samsung is, most that know still think the
overall build quality goes to SONY.