Samsung wireless Subwoofer PS-WH450 breaking free?

Hello Audiophiles,

I got a Samsung Bluetooth Subwoofer (PS-WH450) at goodwill the other day for 3 bucks and I was going to take it apart and use the parts for a portable speaker. Then I thought, it pairs to a Samsung soundbar via Bluetooth, I wonder If I can get it to pair with my home system that's all Bluetooth and connected to my PC/Laptop which is hooked up to my TV because I haven't had cable, or regular free TV for that matter, in years now. It didn't show up in the Bluetooth devices menu on Windows 10 when I tried adding it, even after pushing the little ID Set button on the back with my handy paper clip resetting tool, thinking that might open a connection. I mean it has Bluetooth in there, it's gotta be able to connect like any other Bluetooth thing-a-ma-jig, right? I just don't know how to make it be sociable and stop only wanting the soundbar it came with. Ideas anyone?