Samsung TV quality

My brother is looking at buying a new TV and he looked at a Samsung HTP5054 (50" Plasma, 720P) at CC that he liked, although I speculate it is more than he can pay right now. He also knows someone at a local ABC Wharehouse that warned him against Samsung stating a number of returns with issues. I am curious if others agree or disagree with this thought about Samsung.

(A friend highly recommends the Vizio P50HDTV (50" Plasma, 720P); this TV has been around awhile but seems to have always been well received and it can be purchased locally for around $1300. My brother said the Samsung had a better picture but there is also quite a price difference between them.)
I have a Samsung dlp 50". It's almost 2 years old. No service issues. Good picture
My nephew bought one and had to have the color wheel replaced, but it was under warranty.
You can find more user comments at on Samsung and other brands alike. My personal experience with Samsung (or other Korean made products) has not been that great, YMMV.
I own a Samsung HLS 7178. 71" DLP. Had it ISF calibrated. Holy Cow. Lots of real estate for the money. If you go this route having it properly calibrated makes it a whole new PQ I have seen. No problems but as with any big purchase I feel an extended warranty is a must....I did.
Whatever you buy dont bother with extended warranty, study after study shows electronics will usually fail within first month wich factory service is covered. If an item does not fail right away it probably wont fail at all, also extended service contracts have been exposed many times as being easy money for stores to make a profit on.....because not many things go bad (unless right away).
DO NOT GET THE VISIO!!!! I know several people who owned them and no longer do now because the Visio tv's died! Nothing but junk!!! I own a 61" dlp Samsung 1080p tv and find it to be simply amazing!!! The Samsung tv's are well worth the money as compared to a Sony! I compared the Samsung to many other brands and thought for the money it was the best! Good luck!
I have the HLN50 DLP for the last 3 years+. It was a floor model from Tweeters.

A few problems in the first year. I had to get new fans becuase they became noisy. Set was under home repair warranty and tech came twice from over 100 miles away and ended up replacing the enire light engine and bulb rather than messing around with the fans. He also added a third fan just for yucks. All free. Nice.

In the beginning the set would turn itself off intermittently. That stopped and hasn't returned.

Other than that the past 2 years have been nothing but net. (Playoffs dtart tonight!)

Next time, though, I will get a set with discret codes. A major drawback in the old sets but I think they have said codes in place now.
I also have an HL-S7178W that has been ISF calibrated. PQ was very good out of the box, but is stunning after ISF calibration. The PQ, screen size, features, and cost are hard to beat.

I went with Samsung for this new set based on past experience (this is my third Samsung DLP), and comments from ISF calibrators at avs forum that it provides the most accurate picture after calibration.

I got an extended warranty for the first two sets, and used them once for a bulb replacement, but did not get the EW on the 71" set.

Just another note on warranty. I did not go through a B & M to buy my 7178. The cost savings compared to any local store by far made an extended warranty a no brainer. I am in general not an advocate for extended warranties, but with a big electronic purchase....thats a different animal...IMHO
I have last years Samsung 50" plasma model (HP-S5053). It is excellent... the picture is superb and I have had no problems with it since I bought it last November. I have heard and would hope this years model (the 5054 your brother is looking at) is as good as or better than last years.

There have been some reports of problems, but almost all modern HDTV brands/models seem to have a consistent problem. The key as previously mentioned is that a problem usually shows up soon after purchase. If your brother buys from a local store such as CC they have a simple no questions asked return policy (within 30 days I believe).

I did a lot of research and visual comparisions and I firmly believe that in general the Samsung plasma HDTVs are a top quality line! Best of luck and have a great day!
I sell the Samsungs here in Oklahoma and feel they are outstanding values and have excellent picture qualities.

As with any TV you can have issues. With every issue I've ever had with a Samsung TV, the customer support and service has been excellent. Never had a problem getting a Samsung serviced, but admit local service centers can differ.
Whatever your brother does steer him away from Mitsubishi - bad quality and terrible customer support. I know personally. No time for details.
Samsung is better known for their LCD (sony bravia) and DLP sets. I also like their plasma but it is not in the same league as the pioneer plasmas or panasonic IMHO. Sixth Ave electronics (NY&NJ) is clearing out their panasonic 50PX600u sets with cable card and better speakers than the 50PX60u set for about $1600 ($4,000 list). Great set for the money and the online reviews give you the "proper" settings so you can get it close to ISF calibration.