Samsung smart TV

I have a Samsung smart tv, I’d like to use my amazon prime video through my Yamaha receiver but apparently since it’s built into the tv the audio that can use is the tv ?  My cable works fine through my optic cable. Am I missing something. Just a thought 
If your TV has audio outputs either analog or digital just run them to your receiver. I have a Samsung smart tv also and the apps on it don't go through your cable box so you would have to connect the tv to the receiver directly/
Do you have a freestanding Amazon Fire box? I have a newish Samsung TV and didn't bother to activate the 'smart' features. I just use it as a monitor. The Fire (separate box) goes into an input on my A/V pre-pro and that connects to the TV. I think all you have to do is turn the volume on the TV to zero if you have a surround sound system hooked up to your receiver. (Unless you are talking about an audio only receiver, which may make things a little more complicated, but not impossible). 
Hi Zink,

Two ways. Smart TV's have an optical output, but you can also output via the HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC). It's a little funky since there is computer handshaking involved.

Your receiver has to be HDMI compatible, AND it has to have ARC enabled.

Only one HDMI plug on your TV has ARC however.

I use this with an Oppo BD player. I can use the Samsung apps, Oppo does the 7.1 decoding.

Remember I said this was funky? Sometiems I have to turn the TV on and off to get this working.


Got it , just went straight to the tv optical and good to go. My bad. Thanks for your help