Samsung? or Luxman?

I have this device: May be any know history of this amplifier ? I think its extra rare.
Never had seen those before, how did you get them and how do they sound ?
I had heard a few years ago that Samsung was going to have some high-end equipment and it was going to be built by Madrigal I believe. I am not sure though if it was Madrigal. The stuff sure looks good. How does it sound?
I am from Russia,Moscow.And my English very poor.Sound of this device /IMHO/ GREATEST than I hear all my life.Last 25 years I listen a few dozen expensive amplifiers Ñ-01/M-30S really win all of them.Sound MIGHT and TENDER.Before Samsung I use Symphonic Line RG-9Mk3 german made integrated amp.Now I put him on attic.
Your English is better than my Russian. Enjoy the equipment.
Wow. I am from Korea, and I never regarded many companies in Korea to be able to produce real, audiophile grade gear. That Samsung is massive. I wonder how it really sounds.

The latest and greatest of Korean companies making amplification and sources is April Music with their STELLO line.

NICE AMPS, cheers.

Paul NYC