Samsung HL-P5063W

Stillllll looking at HDTVs. Went to Circuit City today to see the new TI HD3 chip in the Samsung 5063W with the seven-segment color wheel. Subjectively, blacks looked blacker but I could not get a salesman to play a DVD with low contrast (dark) scenes. The store lights were also blazing away.

Has anyone seen the set under better controlled conditions? As a bonus, the set is now only 14-inches deep! Pretty good for a 50-incher.
I've checked it out as well but was in the same lighting situation. Did you notice the lamplife is only 5000-8000 hours?!?
I ordered one, knowing I was "stuck" if didn't like it. Demo in store is useless for most things, but especially. Don't you love salesmen that don't wamt to be inconvienced so you can be sure of purchase. I get it tomorrow. If you email me directly via shaqspack, I will be glad to share experiences. You can't count on me to keep up on forums.

At least we know about lamp. Amotized, about $100/year in expense. If that is the main drawback, I'll be thrilled.

Finally got off the pot (the sitting kind, not the smoking kind) and purchased the Samsung. $2,799 at PC Richards, a major Long Island appliance and electronics chain. I am very happy so far.

Standard TV looks much better than I expected (more dependant on the source material); DVDs are teriffic, both through the s-video connection. My HDTV box is being delivered by Cablevision this coming Saturday. At that time, both the cable box and my DVD player will connected through the component video inputs to the TV. The cable box also has a DVI output. I'll try that at a later date (the TV also has a HDMI input).

Glad I waited for gen 3. Stay tuned.
Finally purchase. Someone emailed mailed me direct. Please dio same and Ill remember to respond, But in short, I'm happy.
Only 5 to 8000 hours??? show me one that claims more. ( you better hope it lasts because Samsung has NO BULBS)

2,799?? Not for a 5063

HD3 chip is not new, all HLNs had them also.

Samsung's new line of DLP's are just as bad as the HLNs
(Buyer Beware)
The Samsung HLN sets use the HD2 chip.

There will be a new series of Samsung sets, HLPxx77, scheduled for release later this year that will use the HD2+ chip.

The HL-Pxx63 sets use the HD3 chip. Just as importantly, the HL-Pxx63, and the forthcoming HLPxx77 sets, use a 7 segment color wheel versus the older 6 segment color wheel in the HLN sets.

FWIW, I have a Samsung HL-P5063. It has operated flawlessly and has great PQ.

Recommend you visit for more information.

Yes; $2,799 at PC Richards here on Long Island. You should be able to get that price at any large retailer. Just walk out if you don't. Don't think they'll let you leave.

Have the set two weeks now. Picture is incredible in HDTV; STV terrific too when the source is good. Not even using the DVI (or HDMI) inputs yet from the HDTV set top box. Still using S-video for DVDs. DVDs looking great too. Will move the DVD player to component out and the STB to the DVI connection as soon as I order cables.
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