Samsung flat screen TV’s

I have purchased 3 large flat screens since 2012 and all of them have died after 3 to 5 years. The last one yesterday, a curved 52inch HD 4K.
The first one began to have serious color aberrations, the second one was strange and turned off and on non-stop. The third (curved) went black, unable to bring up menu, cable fine, sound fine.

Anyone else experience this? Is there a better brand? Bought a Vizio a few years ago which had a beautiful picture but was as fragile as crystal.
I have a 12 year old, 1080p LG and it's as sharp as it ever was. My 3½ year old 4K LG is looking great as well.

I had a Visio 1080p in a spare room, that croaked 1 month after it's one year warranty expired.

Most of my family members had had great luck with LG.
Another vote for Sony, HX920, native panel 200hz, full local dimming, 3D, gorilla glass, monolithic design, elegant, great picture even in SD. 
10 years and counting. Also have a Sony Trinitron, 20+ years that works like new.
I have 2 Panasonic Plasmas that still look great apart from a lack of 4k definition.I have recently purchased an LG and the picture is great.
Interesting to hear about the long-lived Panny Plasmas.  I'd always heard they were twitchy, and mine failed after about three years.
Replaced it with an entry level 65" Samsung, and the picture was pretty awful compared to the plasma.  Upgraded to 4k, and that Samsung has been trouble free for 6 years.
Samsung washer and dryer trouble free for 2 years.
Plan to stay with Samsung when the TV goes:  anyone with experience with the lower end of the 85" range?