Samsung 65 inch model# un65f6300

I have a 3 year old Samsung tv model # un65f6300.when it is on the top half is normal brightness,but the bottom is darker and flickers.i had Sears come out and the tech said it was the control panel.i have pictures and video need help plz Thanks Bob
I have experienced this. My 3 year old Samsung LED had a semi-transparent dark bar across the middle of the screen. I found many posts on Google regarding this defect with Samsung LED’s.

The causes cited were either bad caps or the LEDs on the backlight were failing. In any event, contact Samsung service, if it’s an expensive TV they will say have it repaired. If a cheap set, then throw it out.

After about 2 weeks of the black bar, my picture completely dissappeared. So act on this right away.

Be relentless with phone calls and emails and be patient and nice.  I had a 2012 Samsung PN59D6500 plasma(6 months out of extended warranty) that experienced the dreaded power on/power off cycle.  Called Geek Squad and had them come out and assess problem.  They determined it was the power supply board so they order one.  Returned a week later to install and same issue.  Determined it "might" be main board so tech tried to order that part.  A no go, discontinued part.  Rendered unrepairable by Geek Squad.

After that complete waste of time and time off from work, I called Samsung with my findings.  They opened a ticket and had me email them a photo of the purchase receipt, Geek Squad repair ticket showing parts ordered/replaced and discontinued part number.  After many days of phone calls back and forth as well as emails, Samsung Executive Affairs Dept.(not exactly sure of dept. name) called to make me an offer.  They offered to send me a current model(2016) factory refurbished equivalent to my dead 59" plasma which was a UN60KU6500 60" LED/LCD 4K for a $150.00 out of warranty fee.  I did not hesitate to accept the offer.

Now the story changes a bit, for the better.  A week later Samsung calls and informs me that the UN60KU6500 is not available and I quote, "would you mind if we sent you a UN65KS8000 65" TV instead?"  Three models up the chain and a larger screen, I said, "I absolutely don't mind."  Two weeks later, freight truck arrived with the 65KS8000 and they took away my dead plasma.

Moral of story, act ASAP on this and provide all info they ask for and be patient and nice.  No guarantees you will have the same end result but I have to give credit to where credit was due, Samsung came through for me.

Samsung "customer service" SUCKS!

@willland consider your experience unique
Why do you say it sucks? Did you have a bad experience?
I was thinking of getting a Samsung at Costco.
Why do you say it sucks? Did you have a bad experience?
I was thinking of getting a Samsung at Costco.

I’ll preface this reply by stating that I have a Samsung UN65KS9800 "professionally" calibrated by Kevin Miller. And, I can honestly say, it is the absolute "best" picture quality I’ve ever seen, on any television anywhere. It’s truly superb.

Note that I indicated Samsung "customer service" SUCKS. The product itself is another matter, so do not be discouraged from getting a Samsung at Costco.

The aforementioned stated, the answer to your question is "yes", I have had a bad experience. You can read the specifics in a previous post of mine, here on the forum:

And as you read on in that post, note that at least one other member willland echos my sentiments/experience. 
My Samsung that crapped out after 3 years had superb picture quality. It was 36" for a small room and was dynamic, realistic, with great image depth. Much better than others I demoed at home.
It's possible that my generation of LED Samsung had some design or parts issue. I found many owners with picture problems when their LED was 3 years old.
Those with extended warrantys were able to get service, but often Samsung techs weren't sure what the problem was.
We are having the same issue with the exact same model number. Did you find a solutuon?