Sampling rate output?

Setting up a new Marantz UD7007. My A/V receiver lists 24bit/192kHz D/A capability, the Marantz is factory set to 48kHz output via digital coax output. For viewing DVD and BD movies only, is there any advantage to changing it to 96kHz or 192kHz? Thank you.
If the Marantz  factory set to 48kHz output via digital coax output how can you change it ?

Its default setting is 48kHz, it allows for one of the three options.

The best solution is to check the 3 options by yourself and decide what is the best sound for you from this three.

Maybe you’ll find out that the sound at 96kHz or 192kHz is over processed  and artificial , not always the higher rate is better it mostly depends on your music sources.
I think I found the my answer, my AVR is older and only supports Dolby Digital and DTS, neither of which are above the 48kHz.