Samadhi Ichiban?

Has anyone had experience with Samadhi Ichiban speakers? I'm having a tough time finding good info on them and wondering if they are worth pursuing or if I should stick to more conventional or current designs.

They are on the bottom left of this page, but the review links are broken. I emailed them but received no response.
They are the big brother to the Magic Cube
I have Samadhi Ichiban speakers. I bought them directly from Dick Olsher who used them in his room at The Bottlehead show in Silverdale WA. I am a long-time user of Quad ESL 57s and bought these because they sounded great. They should be out from the wall about 36". They are easy to place if you can get them away from the rear wall. I was using these in my second system and they were driven by a Bedini 25/25. I live in Tacoma, WA. and if you live in the Northwest send me an email and you can listem to them. I am not using them currently so I might consider selling them. I have the original literature that came with the speakers if you want some specs.
as former owner of the Ichiban speaker I can mention a few thinigs:

HUGE soundstage
excellent image placement within the stage
gorgeous (and heavy for the size) cabinetry
great tonal balance
relatively easy to place in room

bad for cat lovers (they like to sit atop the speaker grill)

expensive drivers (woofer) and the original Seas woofers are NOT sold in the USA but can be ordered from the EU

there is a replacement driver from Madisound but it does not QUITE fit in the original driver mounting and reputedly does not sound as good

no dust cap on the woofer so I would definitely keep the driver covered with the grill (especially if you have cats)
dust in the voice coil = BAD

in short, if not for the CAT issue I would still have the speaker. Similar deisgns are available from FJ Acoustice (the Om) and AV123 had the X-omni. I have not heard the Om but it has gotten excellent reviews but is @ $4k new I believe.

I do own a pair of the X-omni now and will quite good are not as refined as the Ichiban. The metal grill frightens the cats when they flex so they no longer perch on the speakers :)

The X-omni would not be my first choice in speakers for an expensive/refined main system but are great 2nd system speakers. The Ichiban would not embarrass itself even with refined, highend electronics

hope that helps!

Great info thank you. Unfortunately the seller and I couldn't agree on price and when I went to raise my offer they were gone.
happens some times ... maybe the seller will let you know the name of the party they sold to ... always a chance they will not work out for them and be looking to sell
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