Sam Tellig on Denon pma 2000.....

I tried to search thin on the Stereophile site with no luck...any links? thanks...any links to the Recommended Componets blib on the 2000?
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When was it?

vol 21 no 6?
Recommended components is only in April and October, not June. Are you referring to an article?

yes, there was an article about the original denon pma 2000r in sam's space and the amp was put class c. i tried to locate a copy of article but could not. i even emailed sam and he didn't know where it was at.
Sam doesn`t know where he is after the 3rd bottle of merlot.
Ah. Vol 21 is in the back closet somewhere. Hopefully, someone else has a copy at hand.

June 1998 for Sam's comments.
Appeared in Class C in October 1998.

Porziob, that was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!