Sam here and this goes much deeper than i ever thought.

As you read this with an open mind it will make sense. l bought a high quality emf/rf meter so i could measure the dangerous amounts of emf/rf radiation coming from various appliances and 5g wireless in full swing here in kansas. what i discovered was the wiring within the walls of my apt, are emitting dangerous amounts of dirty electricity including very high rf levels and when ever i re-encoded audio on my desktop pc the dirty emf and rf would be encoded onto the digital audio ruining the sound quality.That got me to thinking if you have a commercial cd or digital download or a streaming service playing digital or a new remasterd vinyl album cut from a digital source it will have dirty emf and rf frequencies encoded onto the album along with the music and this would explain why digital sounds worse than vinyl cut from an analog master. now here is where it gets crazy? using my emf/rf meter for testing i discovered that when you listen to digital audio or streaming digital audio including vinyl cut from a digital source and the device you're using to listen to the audio becomes a broadcast antennia with all the emf and rf frequencies that were encoded onto the digital audio when it was originally encoded by the record companany are being amplified by your device and broadcast surounding you in dangerous levels of radiaton and the only way i could get the levels down to safe levels is to re-encode the digital audio using a shungite stone to absorb the dirty electricity and keep it from encoding itself onto the digital audio and the sound quality is 100% better.
Shungite stones long been known for creating physical and emotional strength and mental clarity. It also actively interacts with various electromagnetic fields (anthropogenic high-frequency, solar, geopathogenic, biofields) and neutralizes their negative impact.

I would like to ask, how many of them you’re using in your apartment?
I would perform the download off-world in a galaxy far, far away...

Obviously, avoiding the Death Star by a space tad (or Two).

You wouldn’t happen to be a member of qAnon by any chance?
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I feel dirty having read this filth.
Sam here and qAnon is a fake goverment post full of shills and i'm not a follower. l use 1 flat piece of elite shungite placed onto the lamp plug as it plugs into the wall and the dirty emf is gone.How can you argue with my meter readings? l'm not saying this is a record company conspiracy however i'm sure they know about this.
Build yourself a Faraday cage and sit in it!
Build yourself a Faraday cage and sit in it!
I hear using punctuation is a good shield for EMF & RF.
Sam here and how do you explain after re-encoding digital audio removing the dirty electricity with shungite and then encoding using 8 track tape frequencies from 1978 and the result sounds better than 1st press vinyl cut from analog master tape. yes 8 track tapes had mechanical issues however the sound itself was superior to reel to reel cassette and vinyl and that fact can't be disputed friends.
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Wow.  Not feelin the love on this thread.  Now I have no opinion on this at all.  Interesting perhaps.  I only hope that all the above members are as equally critical of the high end fuse club.  Again not sayin one is right or wrong.  Just want to see the critics be consistent in their behavior.
Before you begin to be pious from on high maybe you check the rest of Sam's threads he has started.
You might get the idea then where folks are coming from here.

Just saying.....
Touche.  Have not read his other threads.  Pious I am not.  Just thought this was an interesting post.  Forgive me.  So what is your opinion on fuses uberwaltz?
No forgiveness required my friend.
Just wanted you to see why members have such a Debbie downer on Sam.

Unfortunately it could be a good topic but it's like Peter and the wolf now.

Fuses are a very dangerous subject around here.......
Most of the worlds greatest minds were viewed odd by their contemporaries. Just sayin’. 
Fair point ovinewar.....
I'll give Sam a +1 in this instance. Shungite is effective at cleaning up emf/rf. Just don't use a lot of it as it can easily negatively effect the sound of your system (IME) if it's the only compound used.   
Sam here and lf digital audio is a bit perfect copy of the original master tape how come when you compare the digital copy to a 1st press vinyl copy cut directly from the original analog tape the two are worlds apart in sound quality? lf you compare the sound quality of 1st press vinyl  to a remastered copy cut from a digital source the original analog cut copy is superior in every way. The fact that 1st press vinyl is superior in sound quality to digital proves that the dirty emf/rf frequencies are being broadcast everytime you listen to digital audio,destroying the sound and your health.
Good mastered CD sounds better than vinyl. EMF and RF are everywhere whether analog  or digital. Get some medical help.
“The fact that 1st press vinyl is superior in sound quality to digital”......

Not sure where you gathering your facts from but a sanity check should be your first order of business.

Vinyl and digital playback will never sound the same, even if they are cut from the same master. Each format has its charms, and their overall differences in sound quality are often overwhelmed by differences in the quality of initial recording equipment, in mastering approaches, and in playback setup.

mapman here and sorry to borrow Sam's catch phrase  but just to keep the record straight I think Sam needs to refine his logic and deductive skills just a tad perhaps before being considered among the group of the world’s "great minds" like those who are able to appreciate very expensive fuses. :^) IMHO of course.
Dig that knife in and twist it Mapman!
Hey I make no claims regarding my own mental performance personally.  So please take things with a grain of salt or two.  I’m just happy that I still have a mind and my bosses still find it adequate. :^)
@ Sam, your conclusions may be a little premature, but you’re essentially on the right track. And there actually are "dangerous" amounts of EMR, 5G, WIFI and other things in the ordinary home. In a sense it’s actually worse and more involved than you might think.

There’s a guy in Tunica, Ms that has been going down this track for some time now. His name is Alan Maher and you can find him at His company has 3 divisions to it that are all essentially based on the same tech, just different apps. Home audio, health and pro audio (Alan is also a mastering consultant and has worked with a variety of artists and is a live-sound engineer as well as a building biologist and grounding expert).

I’ve been dealing with Alan for more than a decade now and I’ve dropped some coin on him over the the tune of $13k, currently. I’ve joked with him that I’m thinking of claiming him as a dependent. But no worries, you wouldn’t have to spend anywhere near that to hear a difference with your music. Most of his filters are roughly around 1 or $200, or even less. But, if I ever thought I was getting a bad product or bad service I think I would’ve found it by now.

But my point is, he also has filters that treat the health aspect that you’re already onto, as well as for sound. Many of his filters do both at the same time. Alan’s approach is to treat electrical noise at the source...the components, the appliance, the breaker box, etc, etc. But, it also keeps costs down and filter effectiveness up. He’s using the meters, too, of course and that has a lot to do with how he can accurately come up with comprehensive specs for his filters (you will notice that few if any other companies in the electrical noise reduction arena are doing that - that’s because most all of it snake oil [and I use the word advisedly]). But, for my money, Alan seems to be the real deal.

If you want, you can email him or phone him if you call between 8:00 and 4:30 on weekdays. He doesn’t have an answering service, so if you call at night, you’d be waking him up. But, I would tell him your situ and I’m sure he can tell you what he can do.
Joking buddy......
Hence the smilies?
Glad you still are of sound mind and body, in todays times thats about as good as we can hope for!
Uber yes I figured. I was joking too. My mental state has never been more acute. 🤡. Famous last words....
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While you are visiting Alen in Tunica, MS, make sure you check out Sam's Town Casino, too. They may give you a decent discount on the best buffet in town.
@sam....." How can you argue with my meter readings?"

First thing that came to mind was an Emeter...but having one suggests more than I care to contemplate....

Look, the mere fact that you have a ac line running into your space for your equipment would likely violate a Faraday cage.  The universe is flooded with rf and emf.  Building a Shugite room 'might' make a difference, but I'd rather believe that ofc underwear would enhance my virility....

But I'm way too skeptical to even try even that.  There's a lot of 'placebo effects' involved that point to a whole different level of investigation.

None of it involves audio effects..
Green eggs and Sam anyone?  My 2 $ ... pennies are worthless:

I have found that a Transparent Power Cord on my CD/SACD player plugged into a Transparent Duo Surge/Noise Protector eliminates the nasties and leaves the music!  Transparent IC’s also help make my digital very Vinylesque....without the drawbacks.
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Has anyone heard from geoffkait? is he ok?
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A  Farady cage just wouldn't work in any case, sure it blocks noise from outside the room (or house, if you're so determined), but it traps those nasties that originate from within the room, and keeps them inside the room itself. Most of the time (depending on your particular locale), the noise inside the room may be worse anyway. 

There are far better ways to deal with all that, but like most things audio, we don't feel like we have much of a basis for being able to put any real faith into an audio idea or tech, until we have heard the difference it makes for ourselves.

My my, so many posts being removed...

Where IS he??? Should I be beginning to get a little worried about that li'l booger...??      Or maybe he got a job as a Mod...
Oh good Lord!
Can you imagine Katie as a mod!😱😱
There would be like 3 members left!
Me, myself and Irene.
Sounds like your having re-radiate issues with the power lines in your house. It’s common for wires, cranes, long metal things to re-radiat transmissions from antennas and transmitters. Not much you can do about it other then try to ground it out by a shielded wire run or filter it out with specific filters in your power supply. Not seem much for home use as it’s not usually an issue but check industrial safety sites and you may find something for the frequencies you have measured. 
One other thing your not using an internet expander that utilizes your power wires as that dose put other frequencies on the power line. 
@uberwaltz, ......we're all in for it, aren't we!
Sam here and NO a faraday cage won't work because the dirty emf/rf is already encoded onto the digital music. l don't care if i was in the amazon rain forest the digital audio will release the dirty emf/rf frequencies everytime the music is played and must be neutralized or else your being shrouded in radiation this is mind blowing what i discovered and if this gets to the mainstream who knows what could happen? Now i don't need the credit for the discovery however once you open pandoras box try to get the door shut again good luck.
Ok, but if you insist on having minds blown by it, then consider this:

Wifi is a way of sending power (watts) over a given distance through the air, right? And this power is transmitted in the form of microwaves.

Let’s look at a hypothetical. Let’s say you wanted to power your microwave oven wirelessly. Let’s say you have a wireless sending unit for the power that’s needed on the counter on one side of your kitchen and your microwave oven is on the other side of the room. Only, the thing is, transmitting the needed power across the room will consume about 50% more energy than the device needs to operate. Sending power through the air is a very inefficient way to move electrical power, air is normally considered an insulator. IOW, your 1000w microwave oven will require that 1500w be sent through the air to run it. So let’s put that into motion. Your oven will indeed work, but, tell me - how safe does anyone think they will be standing in a room in which food on the countertop begins to heat up and metal objects in the room begin to that you’ve just turned your kitchen into a 1500w microwave oven.

Obviously wireless technology is going to have to be limited to very low levels of power in order to remain safe. But, the question is then two-fold: 1) How do we determine what a "safe" level of microwave exposure is, and 2) Who are we going to fully trust with setting that limit - the wireless industry that can make far money the higher that limit is, or the government that is lobbied hard by that industry?
I think the OP would fit right in over on that stylish computer audio forum
Just one question: When is the mothership due back for you?
Why do I think someone here owns a tin foil hat?
geoffkait, yes....conspicuous by abscence, fer chure....he wandered off when the virus getting more out of hand, but I for one Don't want to start a rumour.  He'd have some oblique revenge that leave one slack-jawed and drooling on the keys...but worth withstanding for his return...

Mothership service to this local suspended due to the virus...
...and tin foil hats are So 20th century....shugite helmets are trending, I suspect....
Remember not only was he Audiogon's self-proclaimed reigning theoretical physicist, he was also an actual interstellar spacecraft propulsion engineer. He probably added New Dark Matter to his Flying Saucer For Windows, bounced off the Six Axes of Isolation Firestone Air Spring, and launched the Mothership out of the Solar system. 

Thus the question, when is he coming back for Sam?

I worry some may think I'm making this up. No such luck.
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