Sam Cook

Need suggestions if purchasing 2 CDs or a collection of Sam Cook. Thanks.
his greatest hits is a nice package
but also look for some of his gospel tinged material, it's stellar or the album with A Change Is Gonna Come
sorry don't have it in front of me
Get 1 live CD for the intense atmosphere of his performances, I'd suggest "One Night Stand!", live at the Harlem Square Club 1963.

And as a 2nd CD the studio masterpiece "Night Beat", recorded the same year on a much more soulful note

Night Beat is also a great sounding recording.

Thanks for suggestions.
"Night Beat" and "My Kind of Blues" are both tops, but you really cannot go wrong with ANYTHING Sam Cooke recorded. Or, as Michael Scott, the World's Best Boss, would say: It's all good!"
"you really cannot go wrong with ANYTHING Sam Cooke recorded"

agree 100%, but what CD release(s) have the best sound quality in a decent audio system? I'm not setup for vinyl playback )O:
Any of the RCA Living Stereo material should sound pretty good-I have most of them on vinyl. Some of Sam's RCA stereo material is, unfortunately, Dynagroove (such as Night Beat). Perhaps the engineers "removed" the negatives associated with Dynagrrove when they remastered the tapes for CD.
Actually ... Sam Cooke's catalog was re-released in hybrid SACD format a few years back. Pretty decent sound quality.

See this link

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anything by Mr. Cook is great !!!!!!
Second the live album recorded in Miami. Much rawer R & B sound geared to a black audience.

The RCA albums were watered down to make Sam "cross the line" and court a white audience. Great vocals but the backing musicians were very safe.
great box set
The Man Who Invented Soul
It doesn't cover the abko stuff so get Keep Moving ON for "A Change is gonna come"