Salt Lake City, Utah

Anyone interested in meeting and discussing stereos, music and hi-fi, subjects which interest my wife not in the least. I will host.
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Check out
Gee, My wife is just the same! Sure, I have interest. I live North of the city in Layton. Not a large crowd in our area .......

Hey there,

I am excited to know that Salt Lake City, is organizing an Audiophile Group... I like to know when and where... look forward to meet you all.

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Jean D
I'm interested in a audio club in utah. I have built some of the zaph audio speakers and have been building up my system slowly trying to find the right blend of components. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
As a lifelong audiophile/music lover I would be interested in an audio club in SLC.
Where and when?


In Spanish Fork/Provo. Anyone still in UT listen ti HIfi?

I live by Big Cottonwood Canyon and have been an audiogeek for 40 years. Owned Audio Design and then Aurant before Aurant was threaded into S-3 in Park City. Do consulting work on set-ups for Wilson and have a significant system at home. Got into the business just for the audio. Automation and integration took all the fun out of the process, but now mostly retired and loving pure audio again.
Also happy to host a gathering.

I'm in Cache Valley, Logan, 80 minute drive NE of SLC.

Would love to attend a gathering in or around SLC.
Any interest? I would love to host a gathering in Logan, UT, w/ food.

Reference quality system, treated room, new tube circuit EL34, 93 dB AudioKinesis speakers w/Late Ceiling Splash radiation pattern I co-invented, etc...

Interesting custom vinyl rig, custom 73 lb TT based on Empire 208, custom 1.5" aluminum plinth, modern Danish cabinet, strain gauge cartridge, kills the digital rig which isn't bad...TRL-modded Sony SACD.

Almost senior age lifetime addict.
I am in I am in Orem.  Just saw this.  Any traction?
Is there a club in the SLC area now?
Bueller, Bueller. Anyone interested in getting together and listening to music? Wasatch Back for me.