Salon One Audio

Does anyone remember Salon One Audio? The owners name was Bruce. I am trying to locate him. I'm assuimng he is still doing business some where?

Any asisstance is appreciated!
Bruce Jacobs is a dealer rep, but I don't recall for whom. He last worked for Soundworld in Appleton. Salon One has been gone for a long time.
Bruce Jacobs: Audio Design and Marketing LLC.
Thank you, whoever both of you are. Feel free to send a note to my e-mail to introduce your selve's if you whish. Perhaps we have met in person before.

Yes I was aware that Salon One has been closed for some time now. To bad as I can recall many days enjoying the music there! My kind of Audio store!
Bruce worked at Sound World for about one year. He brought Conrad Johnson, Classe, Talon, Audio Physic, Proac, Acoustic Zen, and some other brand into Sound World. I use to meet him and other Sound World employees out for a beer about once a month I havenÂ’t seen him in a while. I think he lives in Winneconne WI.
Kt 88, I agree with you. This was an audio shop; the kind we may not see again. Bruce, with his home audition policy allowed me the pleasure of sampling a surprisingly large array of audio equipment. My only regret is the infectious need for better sound, which he so prodigiously educated me on.

My understanding is the high end, especially in this part of the midwest had little chance of survival with the advent of HT and internet used markets. Sure do miss the guy, his knowledge, and gift for lengthy conversation.
I auditioned and/or bought a number of things from Salon One. It was a bit of a hike from where I live, but there was nothing even close to the quality of Salon One where I live, which is not to say there were no shops in my town!!!

If Bruce couldn't make it, it makes a person wonder if anyone can make it.

He was at Soundworld for a number of years. SInce he left it seems like the 'better' gear really isn't available anymore.
Driving to Wisconsin Rapids to visit Salon One on a fall Saturday afternoon listening to the Texaco opera on the radio. I remember Bruce from when he started selling gear out of his house and then his stores. Honest advice, wonderful home audition policy, great product selection - I miss him too.
Ok so maybe if we beg Bruce pretty please! He will open another store :)

Not only was there wonderful knowledgeable advice at Salon One and a ton of different gear, from many different manufactures. ( in fact it was like walking into a physical audio magazine ) The atmosphere was casual and friendly. I coming from the technical field was right in my element playing with the gear there. I spent some long hours there and was usually left by myself eventually to listen and swap out equipment. Of course there was the occasional " how are you doing " question. I enjoyed this aspect thoroughly!
I blame Bruce for all my troubles. I just went to purchase a set of Snell speakers. After listening to the Cs for many hours alone, with all kinds of gear I was hooked. Many years of addiction to upgrading and looking for the perfect sound and he had to close his store. I was at Salon One when the bankers were closing up the place. I looked through the glass like a little boy wishing he could have all the candy in the store.
Jab, that's pretty sad, and not a little disappointing. I wondered what happened to Salon One.
From the conversations I had with Bruce..... I think the major thing that did him in was the loaner policy he had. I can recall him telling me some people would keep the stuff for months, if not well past a year. And I remember one particular case where I guy in Chicago had $$$$$$ worth of stuff and then filed bankrutpcy and got to keep everything.

I guess sometimes a few bad eggs will spoil all the fun for everyone else. But I sure wish another dealer with the rest of the Salon One personailty would come along. I would travel many miles to be there when they opened!!!
About a month ago, I was talking to Shawn at DaVinci Media and asked if he had ever heard of Bruce. He said he thought that he was at one time the national rep. for Shunyata. I called Shunyata and sure enough he had. They gave me his number and now we are back talking about upgrading my system. He owns Audio Design Marketing.

The man is a credit to the industry. He has one of greatest ears out there. He has helped many audio manufactures and has been involved in many patents. I think he has the best knowledge of most components out there and a ability to understand each customers needs and help build a system that is satisfying to their taste.

I got to know him back in the early 90's. Although we never met in person, he has helped put together a couple of my systems. And yes, I paid him for all of it. Give him a call. I'm sure he'll remember you.

Actually I am in contact with Bruce now.

thanks for all the help!
Hi to all my old clients out in audio land!
I am still alive and doing quite well. I could not shake the passion for good sound and happy people. I am now reachable at . I am currently consulting a couple of manufactures on product and marketing. I also doing audio design on a referral basis to select clients . I still maintain a active schedule auditioning the best value and preforming equipment in the world. I just finnished the Montreal show and the crowd was impress with what I had prepared for demo. I live in Winneconne,WI and have lots of equipment arround. I still if I have the piece in my house will let clients audition almost anything. I also have not lost the basic morals and honesty that made great. I have however lost my very dear freind and collegue Roger Green who died a couple months back . All who knew him will miss him.
Hey! It is good to hear from you Bruce. I am sad to hear about Roger - God bless him - he was at Acoustic Sounds wasn't he?
Hey Bruce, We need to get you out to the Fox River Brewery on Wednesday again!
Nice to hear about Bruce and Salon 1 again. One of my favorite dealers. Bruce was so awesome. Bought my ProAc Response 2's from him long ago...
If you attend the 2009 RMAF Bruce will be there in rooms 433 and 461. I'm sorry I won't be there so tell him Hello from Chuck in Minnesota,
Salon One Audio was a great place. If only my pockets were deeper back then! I really appreciated being able to audition speakers in my own home. I finally bought some PSB Stratus Bronze and I still have them, about twelve years later.