Salon 1 Audio, Ormond Beach, FL

Because Audiogon won't let me revise or supplement a review of a purchase I made from Salon 1, I wanted to make sure my follow-up feedback ended up somewhere on the site.
I purchased a pair of demo Sonus Faber Venere 3.0 speakers from Salon 1.  They were sent out the day the deal was made and were delivered promptly, safely. and fuss-free.  Indeed, I had to scurry to make sure I would be home the day FedEx said they would arrive.
After I set up the speakers, I found one of them had a problem, issuing a very anemic signal when played.  I emailed Salon 1 at its sales@ address regarding the problem and asked for advice in getting the speaker fixed under the manufacture's warranty that still applied to Salon 1's demos.  Unfortunately, I also posted the message on Audiogon as feedback for the purchase (rating the matter as "Neutral" because the message wouldn't go through without selecting a rating).  Both messages went out after 8pm.
Eric from Salon 1 responded via email (he also apparently called my office) within about 30 minutes with a probable diagnosis (a crimp-on connector coming loose from one of the binding posts inside the speaker) and a suggested solution (unscrew the small plate holding the posts to the speaker and reconnect the connector).  The diagnosis was spot-on, I made the repair in about 10 minutes, and I kept my wife awake as I began listening to tunes that would help me in locating the speakers.
Eric was prompt and efficient in responding to my message, and clearly had the requisite knowledge of the product's quirks to provide me with the precise information I needed to fix the problem.  I am indebted to him for his commitment to customer service and highly recommend purchasing from Salon 1, whether on Audiogon or in person in Florida.  I am disappointed only by not being able to post this information as direct feedback on my purchase, with which I am absolutely delighted.