Salk VS Monitor Audio

I'm hoping someone here has heard Salk Song Towers or the Song3 and also Monitor Audio floor standers.

I currently have MA Silver 8s, I like them but I caught the upgrade bug. 

I'm really intrigued by Salk's Song speakers, specifically the Song3. 

I think it could possibly be a good upgrade for a rather small difference in price. Of course, since Salk doesn't have a dealer network, one is left to rely on other's opinions when deciding whether to gamble on their products.

I am guessing that the shipping of the speakers would cost $200 or more each way. So if one doesn't like the speakers, they're possibly out of $400, or more.

Hopefully someone here can give me some insight as to whether these would be a big gamble. 

My room is 25'x16'x8'. Carpeted floor. The area behind my listening sofa opens up to a hallway. Amp is Parasound Halo integrated.

I have a small sub, but prefer to not have to use it for low bass.

@snapsc I guess I would be listening from medium low to medium loud listening levels. I am wondering if the Aegir is alone ok or do I need mono Aegir/ or mono Vidar for lets say the Song Beats.
I see jim Salk recommends 50 watts for the Beats... probably to make sure no one drives a smaller wattage amp into clipping   

If you do the math... you probably won’t use 30 watts peak unless you are sitting 20’ back and playing at 90 db

since salk was using the Aegirs at Axpona... I’d email him and ask for his thoughts. 
I too am intrigued by Salk audio.  It seems he uses great drivers and customizes speakers to individual needs.  Also seems like a great value and free of international tariffs etc.  But I have seen some posts ( and have been told by salespersons- for whatever thats worth) stating that the speakers are "high fidelity" not high end.  For one I am not sure what that means but it does sound disparaging.  Have not been able to set up a local audition ( in RI or Boston area) of the Song 3 or Song 3 encores or Song Beats; and not ready to spend significant dollars sound unheard.  Anyone have the opportunity to compare Salk Speakers to perhaps Devore or Proac?
Salk will be at the Capital Audiofest in November. I did visit the room last year and thought the sound was superb. I have never owned them but they are always in the back of my mind. One of these days.