Salk VS Monitor Audio

I'm hoping someone here has heard Salk Song Towers or the Song3 and also Monitor Audio floor standers.

I currently have MA Silver 8s, I like them but I caught the upgrade bug. 

I'm really intrigued by Salk's Song speakers, specifically the Song3. 

I think it could possibly be a good upgrade for a rather small difference in price. Of course, since Salk doesn't have a dealer network, one is left to rely on other's opinions when deciding whether to gamble on their products.

I am guessing that the shipping of the speakers would cost $200 or more each way. So if one doesn't like the speakers, they're possibly out of $400, or more.

Hopefully someone here can give me some insight as to whether these would be a big gamble. 

My room is 25'x16'x8'. Carpeted floor. The area behind my listening sofa opens up to a hallway. Amp is Parasound Halo integrated.

I have a small sub, but prefer to not have to use it for low bass.

You would get better feedback over on "Salk" circle over on Audio Circle.  I would suspect that Salk speakers will come out on top due to build quality and other factors.  Of course YMMV. 
I have had the Song3's for a couple weeks. I'm still breaking them in but I think they are an excellent speaker. I cannot say if the are better than what you have. I am using Parasound JC-1 mono amps, JC-2 BP preamp, Exogal Comet Plus DAC in addition. Quite impressive. The bass is tight but if you are wanting the ground shaking you might keep your sub.
I haven't heard the 8, but I own the Silver 2.  I heard the Song3 at Axpona last year & feel the Raal ribbon would be a definite improvement over the MA in the treble.
I have no doubt that the treble would be superior. I'm a bit more concerned about trading two 6" woofers per speaker for one 7.5" per speaker.
@gnostalgick did you hear the song 3's or the song 3 encores at Axpona? Curious how they hold up to the competition. 
I think your Halo gear would be a great match... and I have zero doubt that the sound will be a step up. 

I own the Salk Veracity STs played through a Belles 22a pre and Halo A23... and a friend has the Salk Beats played through Luxnan gear... Salks have deep, detailed, tuneful accurate bass... but with your big room and if you like any kind of punch... you may need to run the Salks full range and bring the sub in around 50hz. 

As for the RAAL... if you give yourself a week or two to get used to the presentation difference, you will be very happy with the detail, lack of grain, and musicality...pianos, horns and voices are really nice and the soundstage will be deeper and wider. 

Take a look on Audio Circle... usually every couple of weeks there are Salks for sale as people move up the Salk line. 

The Song3 BeATs go remarkably low for the size of the woofer.  Performance in your room will depend on a variety of factors.  Of course, the Encore's go deeper with the bigger woofer (same manufacturer), but I like the midrange more in the BeATs.

Interesting that in the new model, the 9.5, Jim S. uses the midrange from the BeAT's and the woofer from the Encore, plus passive radiators and a more complex cabinet.

There's new post on Audio Circle of Salk speaker owners who will let you audition their speakers. The listing is by state and speaker model.
The monitor audio speakers I’ve heard were always paired with ‘affordable ‘ amplification while the Salk sounds speakers I heard at axpona sounded really musical, as good as any to me. Bass will always be affected by the room.
I just want to say that some of the Salks I have seen pictures and videos of are just visually beautiful.