Salk VS Monitor Audio

I'm hoping someone here has heard Salk Song Towers or the Song3 and also Monitor Audio floor standers.

I currently have MA Silver 8s, I like them but I caught the upgrade bug. 

I'm really intrigued by Salk's Song speakers, specifically the Song3. 

I think it could possibly be a good upgrade for a rather small difference in price. Of course, since Salk doesn't have a dealer network, one is left to rely on other's opinions when deciding whether to gamble on their products.

I am guessing that the shipping of the speakers would cost $200 or more each way. So if one doesn't like the speakers, they're possibly out of $400, or more.

Hopefully someone here can give me some insight as to whether these would be a big gamble. 

My room is 25'x16'x8'. Carpeted floor. The area behind my listening sofa opens up to a hallway. Amp is Parasound Halo integrated.

I have a small sub, but prefer to not have to use it for low bass.

You would get better feedback over on "Salk" circle over on Audio Circle.  I would suspect that Salk speakers will come out on top due to build quality and other factors.  Of course YMMV. 
I have had the Song3's for a couple weeks. I'm still breaking them in but I think they are an excellent speaker. I cannot say if the are better than what you have. I am using Parasound JC-1 mono amps, JC-2 BP preamp, Exogal Comet Plus DAC in addition. Quite impressive. The bass is tight but if you are wanting the ground shaking you might keep your sub.
I haven't heard the 8, but I own the Silver 2.  I heard the Song3 at Axpona last year & feel the Raal ribbon would be a definite improvement over the MA in the treble.
I have no doubt that the treble would be superior. I'm a bit more concerned about trading two 6" woofers per speaker for one 7.5" per speaker.