Salk Veracity HT1? Anyone?

I just found some referrals to these. They look beautiful and are within (more or less) my 2K budget. Has anyone had a chance to listen to these?

I have the HT3's beautiful speakers with excellent tonal balance and imaging

see - the salk section
or do a search here

some salk members allow demos in their homes
or if you are near Pontiac Michigan
see notes in the salk website
I am interested if there is anyone who has used this brand for Home Theater....I have what I consider the perfect two channel, and have the amp, pre and source for HT, now trying to find the best speakers for 7.1/2
Mnay have bought the HT3's for front speakers, Jim's center channel and the HT1 for the rears

the tonal balance, imaging, seamlessness and cabinetry are all first rate

see for many pairs used for home theatre
email the owners directly