Salk speaker sound

I am researching a purchase for new speaker to use with a Leben cs 600 tube amplifier.  I was recently referred to Salk Audio.  I am primarily looking for a musical speaker with good detail but not too bright or fatiguing.  I appreciate a good midrange as well.  The Salk speakers sound great on paper and in the forums. I wonder if anyone can share their experiences and describe the Salk sound.  I will likely be looking at the Song 3 Encores and the SS 9.5s.  May see if the models with ribbon tweeters would work with my amplifier as well.

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I've heard most of the Salk line-up several times.

As a note - Jim is great to work with.

I've owned the SS 8's.  I would like the SS12's, I almost bought the Encores... and the one I have not heard is the 9.5's which I hope to hear soon.

As for an earlier question about the magnesium midrange used on one of the Song's.  I've heard it.  It's really similar to the Accuton midrange used on the SS8's, 10's and 12's.  Quite similar, very detailed and open.

As for the Encores, - it's really a bargain.  Good deep tight bass, it may has a little more thump than the SS8's, very similar top end and midrange, accurate and open.  Not quite as open sounding as the SS8's with the back's opened up (which is an effect I really like).

the AT midrange is slightly less detailed than the Accuton and Eton, still very accurate, a bit less bright as high volumes (though none are harsh).  

I'm not sure where I stand on the Be tweeter vs the Raal - that raal in the soundscapes is awfully good, slightly smaller soundstage than the Be.  I typically don't like Be tweeters or drivers, I need to hear it again on the 9.5's before I really decide.  

Jim builds great speakers that really are a bargain for what you are getting.  They almost always measure ruler flat, or darn close.  Personally I like a little extra thump and the Encore's gave that over the SS8's I felt. 

The SS12 is one of the best speakers I've ever heard under 50k driven by a stout amplifier.