Salk Sound Owners

Any Salk HT-3 or Soundscape 8 owners in the Buffalo or WNY areas that would be willing to provide a listening demo? Also don't reply with the Audio Circle idea.Been there done that.
Bump for this. I'm interested to see how the salk3 encores sound.
Sometimes if you get in touch with the manufacturer they will get in touch with buyers in your area to set up an audition. Salk also has their own section over at audiocircle you would probably get a response there. Good luck
Maybe you should drive to Jim's workshop in Pontiac, Michigan. It's only 265 miles from Buffalo via 402.
Lots of good restaurants and good hotels in the northern suburbs near the Salk location..
Better watch out or you will be called out for waisting energy on Inna's environment thread.;)
@jburidan I may do that in the future, I live in Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario Canada, so its a matter if I go to Windsor route or Buffalo route. 

Whatever route is the fastest, most scenic or has taxpayers money fixing the roads the most for a smooth ride :) 
Just checked the Windsor route, its 245 miles from my place. 4 hour drive.
Go ahead and order them. Great speakers!!!
At 74 cents Canadian to US dollar.... hell no, not now.
I’d drive through Canada because Ohio is always a shitty experience with lots of road construction and state troopers, and then you have the Great Potholes of Michigan :)
Canadian Police do not  have to give out bogus tickets to keep their job .