salk sound HT3, Linbrook Sig, VMPS RM30

I trying to decide between the salk sound HT3, Linbrook Sig, VMPS RM30. I plan to power them with Nuforce Mono amps in a room that is 20.1 x 19. Therefore, placement is not a problem.

I've not heard any of these speakers but have done extensive research on all. I like the appearance of the Salk the best but the VMPS may sound the best. Ty of Linbrook line is a joy to work with, I just do not know which one to buy. Help.
Ebonyvette: It seems strange that withot having heard any of these you have concluded that "VMPS may sound the best". :) Anyway, please post your progress. I owuld be curious what you discover or others advise.
I heard the RM30s a year ago and did not particularly care for them... I would easily rank them lowest *to my personal tastes*... Of course VMPS has a large following, so you should definitely seek them out to see what *you* like (as you should the other two).

Both the Linbrook Signatures and Salk HT3s are superb speakers, and either of those two would make most people very happy at their respective price points, and much higher price points as well... The Linbrooks will gie you significantly better bass extension and *maybe* a hair better midrange performance (but they also cost more, and both speakers sound sublime through the frequency ranges they cover). The Salks are indeed works of art from a woodworking perspective -- I think Jim Salk is the best I have seen in that respect (not that Ty is any slouch there either). Tough call, IMO between those two... I went with the Linbrooks (and then added the bass modules to form the Linbrook System), but I could definitely be happy with the Salks at the lower price point too... I think it will depend on your budget, and what you are looking for most in a speaker.
I own VMPS and think they are a good value, but dont count Ty out, guys rave about his product and his approach and attitude in busines is really a pleasure to deal with.
I only say VMPS may sound the best because of the FST tweeter,
and the 3 vertical Neo mids. I loved the midrange when I owned Maggies and it seems like the VMPS places strong emphasis in that area.
Check out Zybar's system he use to have RM40's and replaced them with the Salks. His system is better detailed on audiocircle. Fit and finish of course is way better on the Salk's. I was an owner of VMPS speakers and I love the value of them but the tweaking of the drivers can be tiring or a bonus depending on how you look at it.
Also check with Marbles at the AudioCircle website. He also owned RM40's (fully tweaked), but sold them and now owns Salk HT3's.
I once owned the RM40 and auditioned the Salk HT3's quite extensively. The Salks were much more coherent and "musical", IMO. Haven't actually heard the Tyler's but have never read or heard anything but high praise for them.

Personally, the deal breaker between the Tylers or the Salks would be the tweeter choice. I would lean towards the Salks because of the fabulous ribbon tweeter he employs in the HT3.
Thanks for the responses. I've noticed that some reviews state that the Salks have a "forward" sound that is similar to the Wilson speaker. Is this true? What other speakers sound somewhat like them since I am likely to wait a while for a custom finish?
I defintely would say that the Salks aren't forward sounding, they just simply pass more detail and better clarity than most other speakers.

When measured in room via TacT 2.2x I can see that they are basically flat to about 28 or 29Hz and extend beyond 20k Hz without significant roll-off.

If you hear the Salks sound hot or forward, look at the rest of your gear - not the speakers.

In terms of what other speakers sound like them...I don't know any (not kidding or being a smart ass). The only set of speakers I would take over them (with the caveat being that I have heard them) would be the Vandy 5A's.

The RM 30m's were here for about three months. Used them with a Bel Canto Evo 2i integrated and an Arcam FMJ 33 CD player.
Never have I experienced a more detailed speaker. Cutting edge resolution, fast transients and highly dynamic. The mid range sounded a bit shallow which I attribute to the neo pannels, and they had a tendency to "beam" which I also attribute to the neo pannels. The tweeter was fantastic however and produced a wonderfull airy openness. The two six inch woofers on the bottom were fast and punchy. The side fireing 10" woofers did a good job also but I kept wanting deeper bass. The sound seemed tilted toward the higher freq. range and the speakers didn't have the balance I was looking for. This caused me to listen at higher volume than usuall so I could experience more of the deep bass I knew they were capable of.
Finally after three months of minor tweaking and attenuating I gave up on them. I believe they need plenty of room to breathe and my room is only 15" x 20' It is also a very bright room and I noticed I was not enjoying the music any longer. I was not willing to try the new "wave guides" or swap the solid state components for tubes, maybe the tubes would have warmed things up a little.
Have not tried the other two speakers you mentioned but thought I would throw in my two cents.