Salk Songbirds or Totem Arros for bedroom system?

OK, based on reputation, looks and good reviews I am thinking between these two for my bedroom system. Anyone know how these spkrs would compare?

Room is about 14x16 carpeted, amp is 30w/ch .... jazz, classical, mild rock
The Arros are a 4 ohm load - I drove them very nicely with a Naim Nait5 (30 wpc into 8 ohms); I miss that pairing!!! Your room size is very similar to mine.

As long as your amp can pass some current into loads that dip a little below 4 ohms, you'll be fine.

I have not hear the Salks but do hear nice things about them.
Soulbrass, I've heard the Arro's with a 25W and a 30W tube amps and I found it anemic compared to some of the more powerful amps I've tried. That's just my experience. Of course, that doesn't mean that all 30W amps will fail to adequately drive the Arro's, but from my experience some won't be up to the task, either.

Yes, the Arros like some power (current) behind them. Naim does sound great with them. I would like the Arros for your purpose for their size-small footprint yet good height for laying in bed! what amp do you have?

No experience with Salks.
I had a Naim Nait 5i .. sweet! I believe it was 50w/ch though.

My amp is homebrew.