Salk HT3 vs VAS VR4jr

both very close in cost,bang for the buck,winner takes all!!!!!!
Bang for the buck IMO is easily the Salk HT3. Much more expensive drivers, and fabulous woodworking by Jim Salk.

The JRs are very nice speakers, but it is hard to compete against a builder who is selling speakers for not much more than cost.


Dave,have you heard both.i am able to get a brand new set of jr's latest edition with 200 hrs on them for hear very good things about the ht3's,they are 4k plus shipping.i have a tough decision to make.i also have to buy sound unheard as remote location.
Jim's sending a pair to Minneapolis soon and he's going to arrange an audition for me. I haven't heard them yet and will reserve my opinion until I do. However, everything I've heard and read about the speaker has been positive.
I have heard them both, and definitely prefered the Salks. Very nice speakers with a great crossover design. That have a build quality that is phenominal. Easy worth the 4K selling price that Jim charges (and a heck of a lot more). Just for disclosure, I do not own the Salks, and have no connection to the company... but I am a fan.

I really am not trying to knock the 4JRs though. They are a very good value as well, and I am a big VS fan too... The Salks just impressed me more in pretty much every area. Top-end, midrange, low bass, soundstage... etc. I would still recommend the Salks at 4K over the JRs at 2.7K. I do think you would be happy with either speaker though, so I would not worry about "missing out" if you go one way or another.

Dave,can Jim's speakers be driven with a VAC 30/30 amp????still on the fence?? thks Pat
I used to own the jr's and now own the HT3s. As far as bang for your buck,parts
and build, it's no contest,the HT3s are a amazing value(not saying the jr's are not a good vaue).They are sold derict so there is no dealer mark up. This of course does not mean that you will like the sound of the HT3s more then the jr's.
One of my speakers corners was dinged a little in shipping so I had to send one speaker back after only acouple of days of listening. However without proper set up of any kind
I may have found the speaker for me but I need more time for sure.
My problem with the jrs was to much and bloated bass in my room. If not for this I probably would still own them.
One issue with the Salks is that it can take 3 months or more to recieve your speakers but I think all or most owners would say it's worth the wait.
If you go to there is a Salk audio owners circle, you will get more and better info then I have given you here. Larry
Not sure about the VAC 30/30. I would recommend giving Jim a call, or shooting him an email. He won't try and hard sell you on the speakers... If he does not think it is a good fit, I am sure he will honestly tell you.

stereodad thks for that,did you load shot in the lower bass driver to help tame the bass??
Yes each speaker had 50 lbs of lead shot,it did help but I was never completely happy with the quality of the base.If you read comments here on audiogon some had the same experience as me,others write about tight & fast bass,I'm sure there are room issues.With what you would pay for the jrs if you decided not to keep them you probably lose little in resale. Larry
I have the HT3 Salk Signature Veracity and just love them They do sound real good with both a 35 watt tube amp and a 300 watt power amp with pre amp. I can't comment on the jr's.
thks Larry,the amp and speakers are on their way,can't wait to hear tubes for the first time.Pat
that's interesting Koiman.Jim's speakers sound very good.if the jr's don't work out i may have to give them a try.the DB-99's are also on the list,if i can find a used set.
Take your time setting the jrs,I found proper spacing made a big differenc in imaging and the ability of the speakers to disappear. Good Luck Larry
stereodad,i was reading 3 or 4 feet from back wall and 3 feet in on sides.were you running ss amp or tube.i am hoping the tube amp will play the bass right.thks Pat
Rja -

Frank Van Alstine now has a pair of HT3's set up in the Minneapolis area (Woodbury) and says he welcomes auditions. Give him a call.

Over on, he has a thread in his "Audio by Van Alstine" manufacturer's circle that talks about his search for a new speaker system (topic: Looking for a great loudspeaker system).

- Jim
I don't think the Vac 30/30 would be great on an 85db speaker such as the Salk.
A good buddy owns two pair of VR4jr's, so I'm familiar with the sound. This past Sunday, we spent four hours with Jim Salk listening to a pair of HT-3's and talking about audio. I can report that HT-3's are made with top-flight drivers and crossovers, and they look beautiful and sound exquisite. IMHO, these speakers are in a much higher league than 4jr's, e,g., more comparable to Vandie 5A's in performance and way better looking than Vandie's, too. The price-to-value ratio is off the scale. I understand that Jim Salk is a musician and recording engineer, so he has a lifetime of audio experience. My impression is that these speakers are a labor of love for Jim, who seems to be a real mensch in the camp of the straight-shooters. My buddy and I both want to buy a pair of HT-3's before Jim raises the prices so he can make a living. Note: I have no affiliation with Salk Sound.
sounds like your right,the HT3'S kick the jr's compare them to vandies 15000 dollar speaker??Jim should make some easy to drive tube amp speakers.i have the jr's up and running with my system and though they are musical,i want a bigger sound.jr's for sale
Jburidan: Great to hear about your experience. I have no doubt they are great speakers and better value than what "big" companies offer. But have you also had a chance to compare HT3's with comparable offerings from Tyler, Silverline, and Zu. That seems to be the competition.

BTW did you see/hear Veracity QW? I am also curious about the forthcoming HT-2.
Probably gonna bi-amp 'em, with glass on top and solid state on bottom-end. Maybe use Anthony Gallo's sub amp with room EQ.
Addendum to previous post: Looks like Gallo's amp not suited to HT-3 which crosses over to the woofer at 250Hz.
You know. I really wanted to get the Salk HT3's. But unfortunately they are beyond my budget for speakers so I went ahead and got the Usher cp 6371 speakers. I have a large 25'x30' room. I really wanted them but I'm hoping these Ushers are all they are cracked up to be. I will know when they get here next week :)
I auditioned the Salk HT-3 versus the Zu Druids and the Druids won! Hands down more alive sounding, and $1,200 cheaper.
i have a new set of VSA VRjr's and like the sound alot,i just want more of that sound,do the SR's sound just like the jr's only fuller?? anyone have the SR's or heard them.bad thing is they are double the price?? thks for any help
I heard the SRs at THE Show in Vegas in 05... I did not like them at all, sorry. Could have been the room or the electronics (the Oracle CD player was on the fritz).

That said, in the Consonance room that same show, they were using VS DB99s to feature their tube amps and Droplet CD player... The DB99s were absolutely phenominal, IMO. If I were shelling out the bucks for the SRs, I would definitely move up to a used pair of DB99s instead, but that is just me.

I thought that about the db99's at first, but after further listen the tweeter on the SR is much better.

Also, the SR uses what Von Schweikert thinks is the best midrange driver in the world!

"I did not like them at all, sorry" - wow, must have high standards.

Stereophile has a pair in for review in case that means anything. I don't give them a lot of weight, but you should try to listen to the DB99 if you plan on using tubes. I think you will find the top end better on the SR
I am somewhat in agreement with Dave. While I wouldn't say I hated the Sr.s, in a side by side comparison with the DB-99s, there was no contest. The DB-99s were muuuuuccch better. I would love to see a pair of them come up on the used market when I have the funds available. Hell, I might just run up a CC bill to snag a pair of them.

I thought that about the db99's at first, but after further listen the tweeter on the SR is much better.

Fair enough, you are certainly entitled to your opinion... I disagree, however.

"I did not like them at all, sorry" - wow, must have high standards.

I do. Tyler Acoustics has spoiled me rotten. That said, the DB99s definitely meet or exceed even my "high standards." :-)