Salk HT3 vs Tyler D2?

Any experience?
From my experience with Tyler (owned 7U and LSS, and have listened to Woodmere and Taylo Ref monitor), I cannot but say that D2 would be an excellent speakers.
But, I think there should be some models even D2 can hardly beat. If you have had some direct/indirect experience on either model, which would you go for, for what reason? The price is about the same on both models.
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I was in the same position as you are and trying to make a decision between Salk and Tyler. I was looking at some used speakers to replace my Legacy Classics. Tyler offered me a great deal on some used speakers but I never got to hear them.

A local guy was selling his Salk HT3 and I loved them the moment I heard them. The Legacy's had a ribbon tweeter and so did the Salks but that's where the comparisons end. I felt the Salk has amazing mids and highs. The mid-range is to die for and the human voice is spot on.

The bass was the cleanest bass that I have personally heard from a speakers. The Salks are everything that I was looking for in a speaker.

I have heard nothing but good things about Tyler and did strongly considered buying them but this opportunity to buy the Salk was too good.

I don't regret my decision. Good luck, buying speakers can be time consuming but if you are patient enough you will be rewarded.

I also like the footprint of the Salks and my wife loves the look.
Thanks for your input. Sounds like you made a good decision. I will try to give a listen in the future.
I have never heard the Salks but have heard the D2's a couple weeks ago. The D2's do sound extremely good and are very efficient. They image great and the bass is clean, fast and punchy.
I would agree that D2 is one of the best in its price range, considering it is at least as good as LSS in imaging and the overall tone.
I am just pondering that if there is any speaker that would be hard to beat for D2 in its price range, Salk HT3 may be one of them depennding upon reviews and customer satisfaction.
I will probably try out both at akfest 2010.
The D2's do image better than the LSS. It is one of their strong points IMO. They are very smooth and dynamic. If I was getting a larger speaker than my current ones it would be it.
So, you have D1?

Hope Ty would participate in AKFest 2010 in Detroit, and bring his D1 and D2.
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