Salk HT3's work w Audio Research, near field setup

I am considering the Salk HT3's and had a few questions

Has anyone ran HT3's with Audio Research
I have the LS 5 MK II preamp and D200 amp (solid state 110 watt ch)
may need to upgrade the amp next

Also my room dimensions are 27 by 15, I would have the speakers set up out from the long wall with a near field type listening arrangement. I am currrently using VOn Schweikert Vortex screens (similar to a VR4. Would a long wall near field arrangement (8-10' away) work well with the Salk's?


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I have a pair of Salk HT3's and an running a modwright SWL 9.0 SE Pre amp with a pair of Channel Island D-200 and they sound great. Listneing distance is about 12 feet.
I used to have a D200, took it in trade. Nice, warm amp.

I think it would work fine.

Eight to ten feet away isn't tecnically "nearfield". The nearfield is where you are close enough to the speakers that the direct sound delivers more energy to your ears than the reverberant sound does. In an anechoic chamber, it's all nearfield. In a semi-reverberant home listening room, the nearfield typically extends only about 5 or 6 feet from the speakers.