Salk HT1-TL,Tyler D3, KEF XQ40,Spendor A6,MA GS20

Any thoughts on these models? None of them are available in my town for audition so i will have to take a leap. I am using a Rogue 99 preamp and a Bob Latino 45wpc tube amp (open to upgrading the Amp).
I haven't heard any of the exact models you list, but I have heard Tylers (Linbrook Signature System) and Salks (HT2-TLs) before. If I were to characterize the sound of the two speakers I heard I would say that the Salks are more neutral while the Tylers are more musical, if that makes any sense. I think that I prefer the Tylers, but the systems were very different and I did not hear them back to back so I can't say for sure. For what it's worth the fit and finish of the Salks is superior.

Hope this helps.
I heard the Salks at the Oregon gtg Audioholics thingy. They sounded good and looked execelent.
Jim Salk will customize them with just about any wood you want and they sound open and honest!!!!
If you buy a pair of Salks, you will work with the owner until you are totally satisfied! Jim is a great guy.
Kevin Griffin
I've had a pair of D3s for almost a year now, and I'm very happy with them. They are indeed quite musical.
Their imaging is probably their strongest suit.
I heard a pair of Salks at RMAF last year, but I'm not sure it was the HT2-TLs. They sounded quite nice, but I didn't get a chance to listen that critically.
The Salk fit and finish may have an edge as Ethanh stated (their optional hand-rubbed finishes are gorgeous but pricey) but my wife is very pleased with the looks of the D3s.
Ty's a great person to do business with as well.

45 watts is more than enough to make the D3's sing, by the way. I'm using a 30-watt Red Wine Audio amp that works quite well with them.
I own a pair of Salk HT3 and they are by far the best speakers I have ever owned or listen to. Very revealing and great value. I almost purchased some Tylers and they are also very good speakers. Tough choices.

Good luck.
I am considering Tyler D3/D3M. I wonder how good it is when it is at low volume ? Any comments are appreciated.
Try AKFest 2010 in Detroit suburb this weekends.
Tyler and Salk will be there.
I like my Tyler Linbrook SS. I will try both Salk and Tyler in AKFest and see which would fit more to my taste.
After living with MA Silver RS6's for several years I just pulled the trigger on a pair of GS20's. I've always appreciated my 6's for their even balance at low levels and ability to belt our the party music. I'm on my second day with the 20's and here is my immediate impression;
1) Soundstage is much larger and begining to open up even more. Speakers are begining to disappear with good recordings.
2) The highs are very detailed and very seductive. It's obvious that MA used higher quality parts throughout as the 20's sound much more refined than the 6's.
3) The build quality and finish are top shelf. Rock solid cabinet. Make the 6's look like toys!
Keep in mind that they have had maybe 5 hours of break-in. If they end up as seamless as my 6's (which I expect once the base comes around) the 20's will be well worth the 3X price of the Silver SR6. Check stereophile for a great revies on the 6's. The MA website has a glowing review of the GS20's on their Service/Past Product tab.

Would like to finish by saying I think the Silver RS6's are on of the best audio values on the market. I suspect the Silver RX6 to be excellent also despite it's rise in price. But, if you can afford the 20's they are a wonderful indulgence. Highly recommended!

Associated equipment: Mac 6500, Rega P5 w/ Clearaudio Maestro, Creek Destiny CD, Audioquest and Kimber cables/interconnects.
I am looking for any feedback on Tyler D3's. Any thoughts on how they sound compared to Focal 918s?
Looking for a little more balance. I also considered Merlin tsm but Im not sure about a monitor. thanks