Salk HT1-TL and Song Center and Surrounds a Match?

Hi folks!

Super excited, new owner of Salk HT1-TLs to arrive in the next day or so.

My question is regarding a HT set-up. I understand that Salk STs are a pretty close match to HT1-TLs - I wanted to get the opinion if a Song Center and Song Surrounds would be a good match? The HT1-TLs have the ribbon tweeter and Songs don't.

Also I would drive this with an Emotiva XPA-5 and an Anthem MRX700 - do you think that is a good pairing? I understand they benefit from a bit more power.

Thanks all!
I have the Salk SoundScape Center and love it. Jim will customize your speaker for you. Call him to discuss your needs. He is very honest and will give you good advise.
The HT2C would be a better match for the center, it uses the same drivers as the HT1-TL. Same with the surrounds, if you don't mind spending the money, you could match the drivers.
Salk will make anything you want, I had them make me a custom sized supercharged song center.
The HT-1 TLs have 85 db sensitivity, so they would benefit from some power. If you're planning on a separate amp, save the money and get the MRX300. The additional features in the 700 aren't worth $1000 if you're not using the amps.
The Veracity CC is 88db, so it won't need as much power.
I'm using the MRX300 into a Parasound 5 channel amp (225w/ch into 8 ohms).