Salk Audio New - Soundscape Monitors

I was lucky enough to buy the first pair of these fabulous loudspeakers which don't officially come out until Sept. I have put these up against speakers at more than 2 x their cost and in many cases outshined them in every dept but the lowest of Bass with my sub as good as any $10k full range speaker out there with ease.
for one it has the best Tweeter out there the Raal Amorphous core Ribbon which is is truly not, more like a electrostatic in a sence read the white paper on it .
The mid range driver is the 5" Accuton ceramic driver it takes some 500 hrs to breakin but super detailed clean and fast ,and for the Bass a custom 7" Aluminum long throw woofer which is clean with no overhang and very good punch and drive and rear ported, the specs are very accurate from 42hz to well over 60k.
From 200 hz to over 20k the frequency response graph is ruler flat and this speaker has a 1.5" thick solid Cocobolo front baffle and 56lbs each it is 25"H x 8"Wx14"D.
For under $5k where can you get a speaker that is hand built beautifull wood venners, The finest drivers in the world and all quality Xover parts from Jantzen, Auricap, Mills and Solen.I researched the market very well with over 30 years in hiend audio and to even get drivers of this quality are usually in speakers $$ 3x this or more.Salk does not advertise but Allways is on back order at least a month at minimum A quality product without the dealer 50% markup.