Sales or clearances happening now

I noticed a HUGE sale at Cary Audio right now. My guess is that they want to keep cash flowing and that they were also going to offer some discounts at the (now cancelled) trade shows, so they budgeted for this, partly.

Has anyone else seen any major sales on gear in the last couple weeks?

[Caveat: I know there are many more important things happening, and that our country is in a crisis. I assume anyone reading this is doing so because they are not one of the people trying to save lives, and that they see reading or talking about audio as a way to stay sane. If this post devolves into something political, etc. I will unfollow End of caveat.]
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 Check out the PS Audio website.
Now is the time, if anyone has been itching to get that  BHK or Powerplant you've been dreaming about.

PS Audio is doing 20% of till the end of the month. Me thinks the end date will be extended.

I won't be surprised seeing more aggressive sales from all the audio distributors, due to the current situation.
If I were in buy mode, I would consider replacing my prehistoric PPP for a P12. It appears there's even a little more incentive with a trade in!
I can get one for $2999!!

Buy now finger twitching........naaa
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Take advantage of everybody’s bad luck.(That wonderful NOT!!)
Or help support a business that’s trying to keep its doors open by lowering their margins. There’s not going to be a lot of consumer spending going on for a while.

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@ebm I don't want to make things worse for anyone. Are you suggesting that it's better not to buy things that sellers have chosen to offer for sale?

Clearly, they are coerced by circumstances. I did not create these circumstances, nor did anyone here. Still, no one wants to take advantage of them.

But in order to decide that buying from them makes their situation worse, we'd need to know that they were actually doing something against their self-interest. But are they? Probably a case by case question, but how would one ever know?

Given all that, I think the safer course is to trust that sellers know what they're doing and why; then, it's just up to each of us to make our own decision.