Sale on at New West Records!

The great record label New West is having a clearance sale right now. It really looks like no one is buying CD’s, ’cause that’s mostly what is being offered. So if like me you already have the LP’s but wouldn’t mind having the same albums on CD for the car or whatever, or if you are a regular CD buyer, you can get some great music REAL cheap right now. How cheap? If you buy one, it’s $6; if you buy two each is $5; if you buy three each is $4; and if you buy four or more each is $3!

The CD’s available include some of John Hiatt, Steve Earle, Richard Thompson, Buddy Miller, Drive-By-Truckers, Rodney Crowell, The Secret Sisters, and a bunch more. There are also some Test Pressing LP’s offered, half off their regular $100 price. I got eight CD’s for $24, plus five and change for shipping. Can’t beat that!

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This just goes right along with my recent wallyworld thread on CD sales.

USA wide situation I would say.

Thank you for the tip, will be looking....