Sale on Acoustic Sounds Blue Note 45's

Looks like 39 titles (sealed) are on sale for $25.00 each.  I subscribed to the Blue Note series (both APO and MusicMatters) when they were first offered and still play a good number of them from time to time.  Not a bad price for anyone in the market/looking to fill in a gap or two. 
Thanks for the heads up, just ordered 3.
How are the sonics on these?  Anything close to the Mosaic or QUIEX BlueNote pressings?
Looks interesting.  Thanks for the heads up.
3-e-p - The sonics are quite fine - certainly as good as Mosaic BN.  (Don't think I have any Quiex BN's - but I have other Quiex titles and, again, the APO sonics are every bit as good, IMO.)
@rshak   Thanks for the perspective.  I went ahead and picked up the Jackie McLean title.  At $25 the risk seemed pretty low.  I've been picking up the QUIEX and Mosaic pressings lately as I find them to be a pretty good value.  UA mono represses as well but even they are creeping up in price the last few years.  I've pretty much discontinued my chase for BN mono 1st pressings as the price is just ridiculous and I'm more interested in listening to them and not collecting them.  
They also offered several SACDs that were very handsomely priced. Since I enjoy a good SACD, I picked several of those.