salamander synergy 20 versus the rest

i like the salamander synergy 20 in maple with black corners . dose anyone know of any other
better quality companies???
thnsk i am disabled.
I use a Synergy (Twin 40) for its adjustability, capacity, attractiveness, relative affordability, and the fact that I could get it on casters. They are sufficiently sturdy to hold up heavy gear securely, and offer lots of configuration options. These are the features the stands are designed to offer and the reasons people buy Salamander. But if it's "better quality" you're after -- meaning in audiophile terms primarily better rigidity and isolation -- and you're willing to possibly pay more for it, then there are many other makes too numerous to list that beat Salamander. Whether these offer sonic superiority worth the cost/convenience tradeoff in your system context is something you'd have to judge for yourself.
I also use a Synergy rack, a Trio 20 with 11" riser. I use a combination of shelves and rack mounts inside the three cabinet doors to hold the amps and power conditioning equipment. I have enclosed the sides and rear of the riser space, but left the front open to have easy access to my most used components. The flexibility to easily change the configuration was the main selling point for me.

The one non-Salamander tweak I've done is to replace the standard disk feet with a set of eight threaded brass AudioPoints. I like the look (my rack is in walnut/black) and they really keep the rack stable and secure.