Salamander racks?

Hello, I am interested for a two shelf audiophile equipments rack. I am mainly looking for something to provide dampening and vibration control at an affordable price. My dealer reccommended the salamander 2.0 archetpe, he said this is an audiophile rack and costs 160. I would like for this rack to cost as little as possible and offer high performance with looks being a lesser priority. What can you reccomend as far as component racks go?
Not too expensive, not too cheap. They work great!
Those racks all seem to run over 500, way out of my price range.
I got a 5 and a 4 shelf shelf unit for $200 and it holds my entire system. No matter how much you tighten there is a good sway. Two racks for $200, cant beat that. I got the mega spikes for $30 used, I guess it helps, I have two pieces of plywood isolated by ceramic discs and it definitly defeats the Vibrations. I replaced all the rubber washers with leather and I cant tell the difference. They do nothing for Dampening and not worth modifying the wood because the rack itself is crappy. If your in a rush to set your components buy it, buying it used would be wise at MSRP I'd keep my system on bricks. Michael Green Just-a-rack is nice and Mapleshade is nice, but they are very expensive.
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