Salamander racks - good prices wanted


I'm looking to pick up the Salamander Synergy solution 705 with saturn casters and two "bridge two" shelves. List price is $3680. Dealers please contact me if you can provide better pricing.

Why in heavens would you want one of those?It will not have any positive effect on isolating your system and depending on what you presently use will most likely sound and perform worse.IKEA will run circles aroud it, sonically and musically. Take a look at Apollo's versatile Aria modular system or for that kind of money Zoethecus or Hutter.
This belongs in the "Wanted" section...
I'm with JeffL post it in the adds not here. You just ruined my whole day. Caterham made a good point to. There's lots better stuff out there in that price range. Now I'm ticked! Hummmm what to do... What to do...


PS- Just funnin ya
Whatever; there are lots of threads that say "where can I buy?" where are good deals on, etc, so maybe we have found the line in the sand.
If you read the Synergy reviews at some of the posts mention where they got a good deal.