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I'm looking at the Salamander Synergy twin 40, but can't find much as far as reviews on it. I'm mainly looking toward the twin 40 for the design. Mobility is important & the twin 40 can be had with the saturn casters. far as fit & finish are my concerns with the salamander. Before a plop down $1500, I want to be making the right choice
I'm happy with my Salamander Sonoma in the TV/den system. Probably not the last word in audio racks, but my wife likes it (we all know how important that is) and it holds six compononents and 50" TV nicely.
I have a twin synergy in cherry with mesh doors. Very good rack but I agree it may not be the best sonically. It was the only rack my wife would sign off on that I liked. Fit and finish are very good and the rack is very strong. Easy to add on later if needed.
I love mine, very versital and the casters are a floor saver. I have a triple and a single.
Build quality is pretty good, but you'll think you paid too much (at least I did). Still, it looks good. Styling availability is versatile, and you can improve it's audiophile capabilities by tweaking or replacing the shelves.
I'm looking at a twin 40 in maple/aluminum, maple wood sides, maple doors w/frosted glass & saturn casters. couldn't find any reviews on the twin 40, But I did find a few reviews on th single 40. There were some complaints about the the quality. I like the styling & features of the salamander synergy, but I don't want to throw $1500 at a cabinet & find defects in the workmanship of the wood etc. At the $1500 price point, you would expect a flawless piece of furniture w/no issues in workmanship & fit and finish.
When I purchased mine new via a seller on Audiogon, it arrived with a few damaged shelves. The shelves were replaced, but honestly, it was a hassle.

Eventually, everything was perfect.

It's difficult to find stereo cabinets with doors and infinitely adjustable shelves, and Salamander fit our needs, so we paid the price.
I bought a single 40 (w/side panels and glass door) around 1999 - then in 2005 I bought a single 30 in the same configuration. Both are on casters ( a *big* plus). They are built pretty well. I think their main strength is good looks - - they are a bit on the pricey side, and if you're mostly concerned about great sonics from a rack, look elsewhere. As for me, looks are important, I'm happy with mine and would buy them again.
Agree that casters are a big plus. They've been invaluable.
They look nice and they do the job. That was my initial impression of Salamander when I was looking for a rack. However, I found the price to be a bit high compared to other racks that I found that I liked just as much. What really put me off though was when I found what some local woodworkers could do for the same price. I don't think Salamander racks are bad for fit and finish. I just don't think they're value for money unless their "look" is just what you want. Cosmetics are worth money to people too, just like fit, finish, sturdiness, etc. I'm not saying don't buy one. I just recommend that you look around a bit before you put your money down.
Thanks for your responses. Mobility is important & the salamander is the only cabinet of this type that I've found. Anyone know of another that has mobility?
Seconding Markphd: Worth checking with some local woodworkers. They don't work cheap -- nor should they -- but 1500 is a bit of coin, and might find you approaching a custom piece you'd prefer to the mass market stuff. John
I recently had my stand custom built from a local cabinet maker - he was willingly to work with my ideas from various design from other stands like salamander - he drew up the plans and was very flexible on fit and finish - I had mine made out of Eastern HardRock Maple with one inch shelves and the stand is rock solid! All for $900 - Couldn't be any happier!
I upgraded all of my equipment (except for speakers) over the last year and the toughest thing to find was a well made stand/cabinet. After months of searching stores and on-line I stumbled across a company who makes cabinets that I consider to be one of the best values of all the upgrading I did. Not inexpensive, much a much higher quality than those "brand names" you see advertised in the a/v magazines. Not sure if they have a model that fits your needs but take a look. 100% hardwoods, no chip board or veneers. Come to you completely assembled like a quality piece of furniture. Take a look at: ( I'm not associated with this company in any way except as a very satisfied cutomer.
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The standout designs looks like top quality for the money. Unfortunately though, they basically make tv stands. I am looking for something to house some audio components for a bedroom system & I need something taller than a tv stand. With the synergy system, there's always expansion capability. Sanus makes some good looking ready-to-assemble audio furniture,(woodbrook series) but no mobility
I believe any decent carpenter could retrofit a stand with casters.

Casters are available from many sources, including

Here's an online source for the Salamander Saturna casters discounted 25% with free shipping.
I have the Synergy triple 20. Mine arrived slightly damaged (Fed Ex) due to less than adequate packaging. Looks nice, but the overall build quality does not live up to the selling price. Also will not accommodate larger amps.
Does anyone have a recommended dealer/retailer for salamander synergy?

06-30-09: Pdreher
I have the Synergy triple 20. Mine arrived slightly damaged (Fed Ex) due to less than adequate packaging.

Mine too. Not to mention the factory packed the wrong items in a few boxes.

They made it right, but it took about four extra weeks.
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Hi, I bought a basic (no options) twin 20 four years ago for $500. I like it, it looks good, and has been very durable. (see pic of my system.) While at the time I though $500 was kind of high, so far I think it has been worth the money.

However I would agree that there is a lot of competition out there.
I have a twin 30 that is now relagated to my bedroom setup
It isn't the end all in isolation, but if you put a few Silent Running Audio VR stands under your cd, amp and pre it will work wonders for your system at reasonable cost

disclosure - i did that then went up to a craz rack with vr platforms - not cheap but a complete transformation of my system musically
I bought my DVDO 40 (somewhere in between the single and double but now discontinued) on Craigslist for half the price. I didn't really think that it was worth $500 but at $250 it is a much better deal. I really like the look though, so for that I would be willing to pay a little more since it is furniture.
Salamander is definitely worth the money. As far as audio racks go, $1,500 or so for a largish rack is not terribly expensive.

If you really want to nail isolating your components, you're going to be looking at more money.

I use a Salamander for my HT, and have no complaints.
I love the flexibility of the Synergy series, it is second to none. However, the quality is average at best. I have ordered accessories after the fact (doors, casters, sides) and have found very inconsistent finishes between two black doors for example. I also just received two side panels that were supposed to be cherry (came in a box marked cherry), but were indeed walnut! Door pull holes not drilled all the way through :-(

My next rack will most likely be BDI or some other vendor.