Salamander AV Rack

I'm going to need an AV Rack when I add an HDTV later this summer. I will probably get a 50" plasma or Sony SXRD and want it to go on top, so I was considering a Salamander Twin 20 (so as not to put the screen too high), but I am not sure how to deal with my turntable. Has anyone used the pull-out shelves on a Salamander rack? Are those too unstable for the turntable, even if it's inside the rack while playing (pulled out only to change albums)? Does anyone have another suggestion? Thanks.
I have a Salamander Synergy and it's quite good but, frankly, I would not put any turntable on a pull-out shelf on it or on any rack.

I agree with Kal. I think the Twin 20 is fine for your plasma and also a good place for your video electronics (e.g., CATV box, DVD player). I would recommend getting another rack for your audio electronics and locating the turntable on top of that.
I use top section of TV202 stand that was meant as a TV stand for CD player and turntable.

Audio Advisor has them on big discount:

I would use TV202 for your TV and get a separate Synergy stand for the turntable ideally.

THe pull-out shelf would not be stable enough. With the plasma mount on the back of the rack you woulld free up space on top for a TT. THe best way would probably be a separate Single 20 though. THere are two media drawer options. THe less expensive one is crap and a waste of money. The larger one holds much more and is built very well.

Good luck!
Thanks for all the suggestions. What I might try to do, as I think about it more, is get a wall mount turntable shelf and mount that just to the right of the speakers, above where I plan to store my LP's (I need a rack from Music Direct). That should work out well hopefully, and then it's only a short run to the reciever (to be replaced by seperates soon). That should work as well, right?
How did you make out with this set up? I have the same dilemna. I was thinking of getting a Triple 20 instead of a twin. The 42" Plasma would cover 2/3 of the top, leaving the remaining section for the turntable. Curious if you are pleased with your alternative set up.
I have a wall mount turntable stand with extra shelf below for the phono preamp - works like a charm and far away from my son's inquiring fingers
I have a Rega wall mount for my Planar 3 above the top shelf of my Twin 30. As my place has wooden floors, I would not mount a TT any other way...

Good luck!