Saint-Saens: Symphony No. 3 "Organ" surround?

I have become interested in the multichannel format and since there is a lot more audio only options on SACD than blu-ray I plan to purchase a player next month.

The holy grail piece of music for me is the thread topic and after hearing a difference organ recording on an audio only blu-ray recording I would love to find an SACD recording with more than just three channels like the one that I currently have. There appears to be a blu-ray recording, but it isn't in stock anywhere that I have seen and is listed for $120 US on Amazon if it were in stock. I will be tempted, even at this price, if it is ever in stock, but I would love a different option.

Any suggestions?
You betcha--this one.

It's excellent overall.
I prefer this one on all counts:
How does one choose? I already have two versions so I guess why not have four? What other recordings have you compared it to?

My current favorite is the Living Stereo - Boston Symphony / Charles Munch SACD.

I can't find a link to the other one, but it is a standard Redbook that include Carnival of the Animals.
I have lots and I would certainly put the Munch near the top along with its near contemporary, the Paray on MLP.
Kr4 - The Munch is fantastic, but is only a three channel recording. I love it for my stereo Pioneer Elite SACD player.

I am looking at getting the Sony BDP-S5100 that will output the multi-channel SACD in DSD. Can you confirm that my Integra 50.1 will be able to correctly process the DSD stream with Audyssey and my 4.1 channel setup? It's not an expensive unit, but would be a waste if it won't do what I want from it. I called Integra customer support and from that conversation I think that it should work great.

Also, can you confirm that the recording you recommended is more than three channels? I really want the LFE/.1/subwoofer channel for the organ.
It is in 5.0 so you will need bass management in order to wake up your subwoofer.

My other version is the Sony Essential Classics that includes Carnival of the Animals. I grew up listening to this one but prefer the Munching version on Living Stereo SACD.
I just purchased the version recommended by Kr4.

JefferyBehr - How many channels is the recording you recommended? I can't seem to find anything in my searches.

I really would like one that has a .1 channel.
The SACD player arrived so now I'm just waiting for the SACD itself to see how it sounds.
I can't open Kal's link; did he recommend the Philadelphia Orchestra recording on Ondine from the premiere performance of their new organ? I like that one, but more for the Barber and Poulenc pieces on the disc. Be prepared for a ton of bass, as Latry seems to like the 32 foot stop on the organ; I have no other recording in my collection that seems to have as much deep bass energy as this one (my system goes down to 20 Hz, and the bass absolutely pressurizes the room), so be forewarned if this is the recording.
Yes. That is the one.

BTW, Audiogon rarely recognizes URLs properly and it is a real pain to add the markup tags. Besides, those don't work reliably. So, you have to copy the URL and past it into a browser window manually.

Sounds (pun?) like it should be a fun listening experience.
Not your fault, Kal, my office IT system blocked me after I pasted the address. Mceljo, when you play the first chord from the Poulenc concerto (track 2), you will know if your system can properly reproduce the last octave of bass; you won't hear the note as much as feel it!
Also, because it is 5.0, you can use it to see whether you really want bass management or not.
It's out for delivery today so hopefully that means it'll get delivered. We've had several things not show up until the 2nd day after being out for delivery.

I was listening to a little organ music last night and I really like the sound when the subwoofer is in play. My Focal 836v speakers do a great job for most bass and even a reasonable job for low organ notes, but the subwoofer definately pushes it to the next level.
The recording is indeed fantastic and the tempo is as advertised, too slow on the 2nd followed by too fast on the 3rd. It takes a significant change for me to notice and this was significant.

The bass is fantastic proving the value of my subwoofer and bass managememt. I will be interested to get my Charles Munch SACD back for a comparison now that i have multi-channel SACD capability. I like the organ on the Munch recording the best out of the recordings i have heard. The new one is also great, but not quite the same. Too bad that recording was of equal recording quality.

Thanks for the recommendation.
After much more listening to this SACD it is one of my absolute favorites. Even my two (this week) year old son enjoys the last movement and will say in his biggest voice, "BIG organ." He has requested it numerous times.

My wife got me a tickets with a friend to go hear the organ symphony live in Seattle next week. I had planned to go for a while, but then opted to wait another year. This will be my second live performance and I'm really looking forward to it.