Sain line system cables a hidden giant killer.

Just wanted to share my thoughts on these hiend audio cables.
I'm running all Audioresearch reference equipment along with Martinlogans CLX ART speakers.
Pure music I've tried many cables over the years (actually too many this hobby is crazy) all I can say these are the last, if not the last ever, for a very long time. They open up the music in a way that is pure natural without any sonic signature. This is what I've been searching for and Lord thank you "I've finally found what I've been looking for". 
May not be well known but man are they good!
Wow, they do have insane prices. Try Clear Day. Those are "giant killers". If you would have referred to a interconnect between $500 to $1000 for a 3 feet pair that would replace a $5k interconnect, then that would be a "giant killer". Check out the average system system and see how many of us actually own a single interconnect for the asking price of the cheapest interconnects that the Sain is commanding.
But hey, thanks for the info. Makes me very happy that I have the Clear Day.
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$950 per foot,! what nonsense.
I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying your Sain cables.
Enjoy the music and ignore the noise. ;^)
The Sainline cables are excellent cables that rank with the very best.
"$950 per foot,! what nonsense."

May I remind you this is fundamentally a high-end forum. 
A Bugatti Veyron & a Toyota Prius are both cars but offer nowhere near the same performance which is why they are different prices...can you understand that?
Different cables offer different performance & there are many variables which determine that performance. 
Change the record & stop being a cretin. 
"One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor". I don’t recall where I heard that (Paul Simon?), but it applies. lustformusic, I’ll bet you have a component or two that costs more than the entire "Home Theater System" someone you know has. What’s the difference?

I come from an practical engineering background, transmission line theory has been understood for a long time now, all the various materials used in numerable configurations amount to comb filtering at a bespoke cost.

Some of the audio media have done an amazing hatchet job on the audiophile psychology, you can't read a review without an expensive cable being a part of or even making or breaking  reviewed components and of course those with vested financial  interests only too ready to exploit this.

When was the last time you heard of of the specific allowances made for the capacitance and inductance inherent in the speaker cable used by the designer, so you could make an informed decision by numbers in you purchasing.

My comments are not meant as threat, what you spend your money on and the reasoning are subjectively yours.


Lustformusic, I hear you.
I think you and Almarg should combine forces.
you could compile Almarg,s posts into a book, I'd buy it.

lustformusic - why don't you contact manufacturers requesting elucidation...?

Insight has always been my strong suit, I do believe though that delusion is an enemy to all of us, you would agree. Rarely will the audio media or manufacturers educate you, It's not their vocation .
"Insight has always been my strong suit"

Sounds slightly arrogant but...

I meant contact the manufacturers whose products are disagreeable to you & respond accordingly.
I'd like to respond to some of the posts that have been posted to my thread.
I agree with all that say cable prices are no where near what we would call a sane price point. Unfortunately to achieve a level of performance that is on the same level as ones entire system you have to pay the price. For those who how laugh at paying $4700. for a pr of cables I'm sure a $500. Pr. Meets your needs just fine.
When I say giant killer I'm saying these cables are equal if not better than the top of the tear $10000.-$40000. insanely ,not insane $4700. Cable.
Read my post again. I have no issues with even $20k interconnects. But don't call them "giant killer". Their prices are "giants" by themselves. 
The title of this post is not correct.
The words "Giant Killer" are typically used to describe a product that costs very little, but is  comparable  with much more expensive products.
I guess hiendmmoe is saying that the Sain cables are much less than the 'super high end' cables costing in the 5 digit realm, yet provide equal/superior results.
But, I agree, 'Giant Killer' is usually meant to refer to products that are at a lower price level than the Sain, and still provide a comparable result to  higher priced items.
Giant killer can also mean a much lesser known product line verse king of the hill
giants like MIT, transparent, audio quest.