Sage Wood blocks vs Herbies feet for VPI Nomad?

I have a VPI Nomad with ortofon red cartridge with a pair of Grado RS2i headphones. Eventually I would like to get a Grado reference platinum 1. Turntable is on top of chest level book cabinet. I know not the best area for sonics, its there because of big dog and small children. I was originally going to get Herbies audio labs tender feet, soft version with a 2mm herbies mat. I then saw these interesting wood isolation platforms, feet set of four advertised here on audiogon, Safe Wood, I think that is right. If these blocks are better, should I put then next to rubber feet but not under them, just directly under turntable plinth? Also, Herbies mat good or does it kill the sound, more damage than good, other mat or no mat at all? Need expert advice. Bang for your buck here for my modest system. Gerald.
Given that your TT is not on a rack designed for audio equipment, it sounds like a good idea. But the only way to know for sure, it to try it.
The Herbie's "Way Excellent" mat will bring out more detail and better dynamics; plus you can return it if not to your liking.
IME, this mat may not be an improvement if you have a cart with extended highs or sibilance.

As far as footers go, they do not get placed under the stock feet. Place them directly under the plinth; try different areas until you find the best sound.
Try three Vibrapod cones pointed up. Might need spacers below the cones. Very inexpensive experiment. I've had good results using them.
BTW, I'm not using them under a turntable, just electronics. But they work well in that application.