Safe to use 110V/60Hz in other countries?

Took on an assignment in Singapore, they use 220V/50Hz there.

Even with step down transformer, my wireless router AC adaptor died in a day because it did not like the 50Hz incoming power (I think). Same thing happened to my friend's wireless router, Tivoli, and Bose Wave.

I was thinking of buying an integrated amp from US so I can bring back and use later. Is it safe to run 50Hz power on electronics designed for 60Hz power?
Electronic equipment is supposed to operate on any frequency between 45Hz up to 100Hz. Amps, CDP, and other convert the main power to DC and filter it anyway. Only machines like turntable motors (AC Synchronous) need an exact frequency to operate correctly (AC Sync motors uses the mains freq to run at a certain speed ie. 50Hz for 250rpm or 60Hz for 300rpm - see the VPI site).

Get an amplifier with "World Power" voltage selector. On the tag it will state that the unit can operate on the following: 110/220 volt 50/60Hz AC. In South Africa most of the audio-equipment's rated like this.


Just remember that if your 'paralel import' goes faulty that the US manufacturer or service agent won't service it at all or supply parts... be careful
In general, I would argue "yes" consistent with Dewald. But because of the high current that amplifiers draw, I would seek an integrated amp with a voltage swithc for better dynamics and sound compared to using a AC converter. I believe the very newest amps from Creek (Destiny and Evo) and Linn amps have world wide voltage. So do the new amps from Nuforce, including their integrated version.

thanks for the reply. I realized most electronics convert AC to DC and should not be sensitive to incoming freq, but after hearing so many premature failure cases I was concerned. I brought my Sony SACD player to Singapore and it stated 60Hz as power requirement, I decided to pack it up and put it away.

I think I will go buy equipments that accept 50/60hz and run step-down to be safe.
Problem is I am leaning toward tube integrated which is never universal voltage like class-D amp. I did consider Bel Canto for a brief moment, even Bel Canto with Class-D requires some jumper to be moved to use in 220V countries.

I did buy a big step-down transformer, 800W to be exact. The integrated I was considering would draw <300 watt from wall and should leave me ample room for loud passage, or will it?