safe to run an amp without jumpers?

I have googled and searched for an answer to this, without any luck.

I recently picked up an used yamaha DSP A1000 amplifier that I intend to use strictly two channel. It came with jumpers on the back for the left and right channels, but was missing one for the center channel. The owners manual shows the stock setup with all three jumpers, but with only a cursory explanation.

I am guessing that I am OK running the amplifier two channel with the jumper off the center channel (which would defeat the center channel, but I don't use it anyway). But just to be on the safe side, I filched a jumper off a receiver I am not using, and plugged it in.

But if there is no danger to the amp running it without the center channel jumpered, I would just as soon put the jumper back on the other amp.