Safe to play record with gunk?

I have put a 12" vinyl album through a ultrasonic cleaner and then cleaned it with a VPI 16.5 RCM. There was a piece of gunk that I had to use my fingernail to scratch off as much as I could before cleaning with the VPI. Some of the gunk may still be in the grooves. Will it hurt my needle and/or cartridge to play this record? Thanks for your help
If it were me, I would use a magnifying glass to inspect those grooves. If there was any trace I would consider using a
small drop of Goo Gone and a toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly and inspect again. If anything is still visible it may not dislodge at all. Do you have an older cartridge or stylus?
Otherwise I would probably skip that track. Good luck!
Steam is the answer. It is the best gunk be gone device you can use. It would not damage the grooves. Available at Walmart for under $30, last a lifetime.
A simple risk benefit analysis would lean toward not playing through the gunk.
Douger and Mechans - thanks for your input. Will try the Goo Gone. Yep, risk benefit leans towards not ruining the stylus.