Safe removal of tweeter grill on B&W 801 Series 2

Has anyone had experience in removing the small grill cover on the tweeter of the B&W 801 Series 2? To tighten speaker cone screws, I easily removed the other two covers but the tweeter cover seems held at the bottom, somewhat wedged in by the small brace. I am reluctant to force it for fear that I might inadvertently hit the small tweeter dome. That would be a bad thing. All of screws, by the way, were much looser than I ever expected and the tightening brought much improved sound. Thanks in advance for any comments.
I have since been told by a former dealer that the grill is not meant to come off routinely. So, if others are interested, his advice is don't do it.
you are correct

They say that the tweeter cone is verry sensitive.
I would clean the crow bar first.

Leave it alone. Besides risking damaging the cone, I understand that you can break a fragile plastic ring around the grill, and you won't be able to put the grill back on.