Safe cleaning of Vintage McIntosh chrome amps?

Just came across some vintage chrome McIntosh amps that are quite dirty. What are some suggested methods to clean the dirt/gunk from the chrome and not damage the silk screening? Then after cleaning, any suggestions for protection against the elements (ie wax)?

Thanks in advance..
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Best of luck
I used 0000 steel wool on mine and just did it around the silk screening, leaving those parts untouched. I think that is about as good as you can do. They shined up unbelievably considring how bad they looked! I guess you could wax afterwards but I didn't. Arthur
Harley Davidson chrome cleaner worked wonders on my MX110. Didnt remove any of the silk screen. Try a dab on the rear first, lots of Qtips and wooden skewers work great for hard to reach places. Best of luck.