SAEC WE 506/30 incoming. Anybody here with any experience with this arm?

I simply couldn`t let this arm pass me by, it is simply gorgeous. Has anybody here tried it out? 
I have read a bit about its weird geometry, but I have tried out a SAEC WE 308 L 10.5" and it sounded quite good as long as the overhang was right. 
So...Can anybody here direct me to any reviews og contribute with any personal experiences?
Dear @ps68  : You are talking of different issues with your Vivid, different trade-offs and it's up to each one of us to choose the best trade offs for each one of us.

In the " paper " I can't see that Vivid is or could be a better trade-off . Different yes but.....


Perhaps you misunderstood my post, I encourage tkr to experiment for best results, using whatever geometry sounds best to his ears.

To my ears with 40yrs analogue experience, the straight, zero offset ViV Labs RF9 tonearm sounds better than any other arm I have owned including the wonderful SAEC, not different, but BETTER..

Thank you for your input. I will try out other alignments than Stevenson, simply to see if I am missing something. The reason why it is so alluring to stay with Stevenson alignment, is that every cartridge I have used on my FR 64 S with Stevenson plops right in on the SAEC 506 in the right place. Only a matter of rotating the cartridge ever so slightly.

I may be a bit lazy.  

            Regards TKR
Dear @ps68  : Maybe you are the  Viv tonearm UK distributor as some of  the system items you show in your Agon virtual system .

If you really are a Vivid distributor then what you posted/opinion could be severely biased to.

As you I'm an experienced music lover and audiophile ( maybe not at your levels and certainly with golden ears. ) ) and owned over 25 different tonearms and listened to other too in my system and other gentleman systems and I sold out the SAEC 506 and 8000 because there are better performers. No the 506 is not " wonderful " only a decent one.

I can see that you modified the ML speakers crossover with boutique caps/inductors and resistors and puts on sale.
Well, those Duelund resistors are the worst one of the boutique type resistors but a loudspeaker what's need is not boutique parts but well engennering parts like the powertron resistors by Vishay or humble uncolored caps as Wima, Vishay or Kemet. All these well engeneering passive devices really are way better than the boputique ones.

I had and have first hand experiences in electronics and speakers with the $$$ boutique parts against the humble well engeneering designed passive parts.
No, I'm not an audio distributor of anything.



Sorry, I'm not sure what your agenda is but ViV Labs are sold in the UK by Definitive Audio / Living Voice, it seems that you may be getting confused..!